Grace Filled Food Freedom ~ Day 5

May be an image of text that says 'Day 5 Holy Spirit, I ask You to permeate my day and show me when You would have me say "yes" or "no" to a craving. Help me to make purposeful choices that will meet my true needs, knowing that sometimes, it may be to have or to skip what I desire. GRACE FILLED PLATES'

Grace Filled Food Freedom Day 5: Why Diets Don’t Work

VERSE:“Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch.” These have indeed an appearance of wisdom… but they are of no value in stopping the indulgence of the flesh.” Colossians 2:21, 23 (ESV)

READ: Colossians 2:21-23 EXCERPT: When we tap into worldly wisdom and say “no” to our cravings simply because we think we should, or because we want to shed some unwanted pounds, we’re not actually solving our problems. Our flesh is still panting for what it wants. Diets don’t work because they attempt to put a band-aid on why we’re eating in the first place. Our desires and wants still exist, but they’ve been “prettied up” by our outward behavior.

GRACE IN ACTION:Today, when you feel the desire to eat outside of hunger, pause and see what you really need. Ask yourself, “What is this food promising me?” Or fill in the blanks of “I’m afraid that if I don’t eat, _________ will happen.”

I read the Day 5 note this evening, after another very hard and difficult day at work. Asking the Lord to help me say Yes or No to the kids, to my spouse, to co~workers….I am always very quick to say No, sometimes I even think the No is out of my mouth before my mind even knows what has been asked. Now food is a different story…I want quick and easy, grab and go and say yes to everything that tastes good…that’s where NOOM is helping me…there are no bad foods. It is food in moderation, making choices, not being an all or nothing eater. And along with NOOM I will adding some prayers as I prepare food both for us and for the kids. It’s not always easy cooking for a house full of kids who have been raised to be picky eaters, only eat high carb and have absolutely no manners in saying no thank you but more UGH, that’s Gross, etc…I think you get the picture.

The other line that jumped out at me was “it may be to have or to skip what I desire.” So my desire may be I want the big corner piece of cake that is being served for dessert but my choice is to have a small inside piece. And to enjoy every bite!!!

Tonight dinner was a disaster as far as the kids eating what I fixed: lasagna, cheese bread and green salad AND after hearing 4 kids whine when I told them what I was fixing for dinner I added a pan of chicken nuggets. And I was so pissed and was chewing gum (to keep from yelling) that dinner for me came and went. Once the kitchen was cleaned up and the four littles got their showers and settled down for quiet time … tonight they are watching the new Karate Kid. I realized I was hungry so I had a red plum, a gold kiwi and 4 stalks of celery with peanut butter. I love the crunch!!! Right now it is satisfying me so that is a good thing.

“Diets don’t work” also jumped out at me. I have tried so many diets it’s crazy to even think about. What I have finally been able to admit to myself is that I don’t need a new diet what I need is a new mindset…and that is what NOOM is giving me…helping me to think about things, think about the choices I make and know in my heart that what I am doing is becoming a healthier me. Not only a healthier me by what I’m choosing to eat but also in my relationship with the Lord…seeking him instead of FOOD!!!

And just like that my mind went blank!!!! BLANK…so I guess I will end this now and hopefully tomorrow my brain won’t freeze up!!!! Hope y’all have a great night!!!

So what do you do when you are doing something and your mind just goes blank?????

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  1. That is a very good clue to stop saying anything!

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