Grace Filled Plate ~ Day 2

May be an image of text that says 'Day? Lord, today I seek to honor You with my food choices. While I wish I could do everything for Your glory, still have a long way to go. Will You please help me make ONE choice with You in mind, so that I can learn what it means to change with You. GRACE FILLED PLATES'

Grace Filled Food Freedom Devotion:

Day 2: Pray for Direction

VERSE:And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left. Isaiah 30:21

ESV READ: Isaiah 30:18-22

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Excerpt: “But God’s ways are higher. Don’t put Him in a diet box. He doesn’t want to deprive you or leave you helpless in a stew of negative emotions. Even Jesus was considered a glutton by onlookers because of His enjoyment of food.You can trust God with how you eat. Are you willing to ask and listen?”

GRACE IN ACTION: At least once before or while you’re eating today, pause and ask the Lord to show you what He would have. Then, put your faith into your food choice and obey His voice, sowing a seed of self-control.

May be an image of text

So often I think about only going to God for the BIG things…but isn’t everything a BIG thing in some way or another? My health is a BIG thing, my DIABETES being out of control is a BIG thing! Making commitments are a big thing!!! So easy to make but not so easy to follow through on.

Lord, help me today to continue to focus on my first goal: to not eat anything when I go to bed tonight and help me to make healthy food choices throughout the day. Help me to extend grace to myself just as I extend it to others. Help me to stay focused on my WHY: to get healthy to have a long and happy healthy life, being able to spend time with my hubby, kids and grands!!! Amen!!!

One thing I have learned from NOOM and am trying to remind myself is that food is not good or bad. As God tells us

Moderation and Self Control | Trust god, Book of proverbs, Good scriptures

Life is not always black and white and it’s okay to eat those pumpkin jelly’s ~ but to do it in moderation and use it as a scheduled snack not a bedtime devour!!!

Do you struggle with food issues?
Do you see food as good or bad?
How do you handle struggles in your life?
Do you see things as black & white, no grey?
How do you allow yourself to do things in moderation without condemning yourself?

Feel free to ask me how things are going!!!

When you are trying to make changes in your life, what tools have you found useful?
Do you make lists of what you want to do each day? Paper or Digital?
Do you track the food you eat? Paper or Digital?

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