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Grace Filled Plates ~ Day 1

May be an image of text that says 'Day1 When life feels crazy and uncertain, help us to be still and listen to You. Help us not to make emotional food choices and find our peace in You alone. (Ûslm 46:10a) GRACE FILLED PLATES'

Grace Filled Food Freedom: Devotion: Day 1: The Sinking Ship

VERSE: For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Romans 7:15

ESVREAD: Romans 7:15-25 Excerpt: “Have you ever noticed that even a deep desire to do better has little to no impact on certain sticky behaviors that we cling to? For some, it may be shopping or having a glass of wine (or 3) after dinner. For you and me, it may be food. 7:15-25 Whatever our struggle, we hold on to it like a lifesaver– all the while that “red and white circle” is actually made of cement.”

GRACE IN ACTION: Today, before you take that unnecessary bite, pause and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what’s driving you to the food. Then, say a short prayer asking God to take you one step closer to a better solution.

Another version, which I really like is:

August 11, Romans 7:15-25 | Daily scripture, Do what is right, Words

This verse really hit home for me as I have started, once again, hopefully a new life changing style in eating healthy, making positive life choices, getting my diabetes under control. The plan I am is using is NOOM. I had heard about it before but was encouraged by my sweet friend, Lynda to check it out. She along with others that I know are doing the program.

My first challenge/goal is to quit snacking when I go to bed at night. I had written my bestie, Dee, about my struggle with always wanting to eat when I go to bed at night. She wrote me back: I talked with my doctor about my eating. I told him that when I eat, I don’t feel my headache, I don’t feel my fibro, my stress level goes down (until I realize what I’ve eaten), and so I just sit there and mindlessly snack on anything I can find even when I’m not hungry.  He said, “of course” and I looked at him and he explained that when we eat, it releases serotonin (the feel good hormone). Especially carbs and sugary stuff. So, snacking at bedtime gives you a rush of serotonin and helps you feel relaxed to go to sleep.  So, I am truly proud of you for being able to resist that urge for two nights in a row. Wow!! She hit the nail on the head.

I went NINE nights without snacking in bed and then caved…ate a bunch of candy corn and pumpkin jelly’s…why I even bought them is beyond me. But I did. I had been having a few here and there (tracking them on my app) but two nights ago I gave in and had two servings of the jelly’s and two servings of the candy corn ~ and yes I logged it…being honest with myself even it its not making good choices. I know I need to be honest with myself, besides it only hurts me when I’m not!

So last night when I went to bed, I spent some time in prayer asking the Lord to help me to focus on just one goal for the next thirty days and it is to NOT EAT WHEN I GO TO BED. So day ONE is in the books. Feel free to ask me how it’s going. I think about what I do when I go to bed…I normally spend time playing on my phone while munching mindlessly on candy, chips, pretzels or ???? So one step I’m going to make is to start reading again when I go to bed…a real book. I love to read but haven’t done it in a long time!! I have lots of books on my nightstand to choose from. So tonight will be night TWO. Please ask me how things are going!!!

One response to “Grace Filled Plates ~ Day 1”

  1. That explains it! When I can’t fall asleep I get that feeling….. food! For me it’s carbs. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bagel with cream cheese, etc. Then I sleep. It sure packs the pounds on. I’ve gotten to the habit of falling asleep with TV on. Don’t know if that’s all the good either.

    Good luck with your plan. You got this.

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