Day 4 ~ Doing My Best

It’s time to zoom out and offer some well-earned perspective. Think about some of the changes you’ve lived through. How has the world changed over the course of your life? Use the following questions as inspiration as you write about your lessons learned and perspectives gained: has your hometown changed or stayed the same? how has the internet impacted your life what are you most scared of seeing in the world? what are you most excited about?

I’m 63 years old and have seen a lot of changes over my life…I think the biggest change was the invention of the internet and how it has opened so many ways to communicate with one another. I remember when we were in the Netherlands (77-79) and how expensive it was to call home. Over $3 a minute! So it was letter writing…I wrote quite often to friends and family and would get a letter from someone every couple of weeks.

In 2003-5 when Jamie was in Iraq we were able to Instant Message (IM) with him…how cool was that. I remember one day I was on the laptop, Ron was on the desktop (we were in the same office), our cousins, Mike & Betsy, were in Sedro Woolley on their respective computers in the same house, and our niece, Jennifer was in Eastern WA and all six of us chatted together as if we were on the same phone call…there was a few second delay from when Jamie would write and we would get it but hey it sure beat weeks waiting on a letter!!! And now, Jamie and his family are in WA state and we live in Florida and we are able to Facetime with Jamie, his sweetie and our granddaughter, seeing them and talking together…and I would have to say Facetime is one of the things that makes the fact that we travel and are not close to family and friends…thankful for Facetime!!!

The question of what am I most scared of seeing in the world…my opinion…I think the United States is turning further and further away from God and closer and closer to a communist type society…I see so many things being “controlled” by the powers that be that I worry our ability to choose what we want to do in our lives or how we want to live is being taken away from us. I believe the US Congress and Senate have too much power to control others but don’t have to follow the rules/laws they put into place…it should be what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I also wish people would treat each other with respect…do unto others how you want to be treated.

Life is too short for all the negativity that is being expressed. How about learning to extend grace and mercy to one another instead of being so critical.

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