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Day 2 ~ Writing Challenge

Write a scene that paints a picture for your reader about a memorable trip in your life. Use the following questions to create a sense of forward movement in this scene: were you traveling solo or with others? where did you go and how did it feel? what was your greatest learning experience from your trip?

As I thought about these questions the first trip that came to mind was when I was in the 5th grade and my mom and one of her friends, (I think her name was Patti) and me and my little sister went to Disneyland together. It looked just like the one pictured below. I remember we had pillows and blankets, a styrofoam ice chest full of Diet Rite Cola and some snacks, probably black licorice and pretzels…two of my mom’s favorite snacks.

1969 Volkswagen Squareback- $4,900 | Station Wagon Finder

We got up really early and left Rancho Cordova and headed to Los Angeles. We drove a long time before stopping for the night at a Motel 6…we thought we were living the high life!!! We got to eat in the car…Mom rarely let us eat or drink anything in the car. We played the Alphabet game, the license plate game and made up songs…maybe that’s why I love it when Ron makes up songs when we go for a drive! We drove the 2nd day and arrived at the motel near Disneyland. I remember it had a pool and we went swimming once we were all checked in.

Dinner was one Ron and I have done many times over the years with our own boys during our travels: sliced cheese, fresh fruit, crackers, sliced meat…Mom always got

Bologna with Olives....who is this for? | Weird food, Food, Olive loaf

that was such a special treat. Later in my adult life I found out that Olive Loaf is also my Aunt Joan’s favorite special treat lunch meat…we always try to take a pack or two when we visit her. And peanuts in the shell…the only time we were allowed to eat them in bed was on that trip…she said she didn’t care because she didn’t have to clean up the mess.

The next day we were off to Disneyland. I remember going on the ride “It’s a Small World” and my mom singing along and how Joanie and I were embarrassed that she would sing and sing loud!!! But what I would give to have that fun date with my mom and my sister once again. Another ride I remember is the Tea Cups and how my mom complained her stomach got upset because we kept going in circles in the cup plus the spinning…maybe that’s why one of my favorite carnival rides is the

The last ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl | MPR News

Ron doesn’t go for those types of rides…he says they make him sick…I remember spending two days at Disneyland. Eating cotton candy, drinking lots of soda pop and it wasn’t flat!!! That’s a little joke we had with my mom because she would always give us her half cans of soda pop after she had let them sit overnight and gone flat…to this day I can’t stand to drink flat pop…it has to have that sizzle and lots of bubbles!!!

I’m always amazed how the Lord works in my life…bringing lots of little things that don’t seem to be related into one big picture and again in writing this blog, thinking about that trip (one of 19 in my first 17 years of life!) and what did I learn from that trip…to live in the moment!! To be intentional in what I’m doing and to know it is the present, the right now that is most important. A lesson I’ve been focusing on a lot this past week as I have felt lost and disconnected in so many ways. And realizing that the things that are important to me I need to focus on each and every day…being diligent and intentional.

So I continue on this journey, carving out time to do what I have to do but also what I need to do…daily spend time in the Word, drinking more water, talking to my Jesus, finding time to write…hey this is day 3 in a row!!!

What do you need to do for you each day?
Are they things you just do or do you need to set reminders?
Are your have to’s the same as your need to’s?

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