I continue to focus on me…finding me…went swimming for an hour…it felt good to be in the water. One good thing I could bounce on my right foot and the water felt so good on my left foot. My foot still hurts, the skin on the top looks like a sunburn and like it is peeling. Showed it to Danalyn on Saturday – she says it’s not getting good blood flow…so will be bringing that up with the doctor on Monday.

Spent some much needed time with our grandsons! Got lots of Grammy hugs,, even got invited to spend the night…had to explain that Grammy has to plan overnight visits…so you can bet that gets on the calendar soon!!!!

This morning we were up at 8:00 and made it to church. We attended New River Church in Wesley Chapel. We were greeted before walking in the door and again as we walked in the door. Once we were seated, we were welcomed by Pastor Brian who made us feel very welcome. If you want to check out the sermon we heard you can go here; the next service sermon is here. Ron and I really enjoyed the first service. We felt welcomed and most importantly, felt the presence of the Lord.

The parts of the service that resonated with me was when Pastor Jonathan said we often WANT to say something but end up saying what we SHOULD. And it’s okay to wrestle with our thoughts, to share openly and honestly with the Lord how we are feeling, our questions of why? that we need to be RAW with Jesus just as we are raw dealing with our emotions, thoughts and actions, to ask myself what “good” comes from different situations we find ourselves in and most of all remembering that

Two of the scriptures that were referenced today also spoke volumes to me


I jotted down the following:

  1. It’s okay to wrestle with my thoughts
  2. It’s okay to be RAW honest with God, he wants us to be just that
  3. It’s okay to cry out to God, even over and over
  4. God isn’t like a crockpot where we just set it and forget it…God is ALWAYS present
  5. God wants us to build a relationship with him, he wants to be our BFF!!!
  6. God does have a plan…we may not understand it and may even question it…but God ALWAYS has a plan!

The question I found myself hearing as we left was “what good has come from this past week?” It’s been a rough week…difficulty with the boys, tempers flaring, feeling out of control (Ali), frustration over the issues with my foot, picky, picky eaters, suggested expectations that after the fact were ridiculous, and the list goes on…

The good….

  1. Spending time daily with the Lord, reconnecting where I needed to
  2. Getting some much needed rest
  3. Making positive food choices
  4. Getting exercise…love the pool, thankful we changed campgrounds, need to swim more often
  5. Going to church together ~ meeting new people, enjoyed the worship music, God spoke through the sermon
  6. Reconnecting with friends even though it was long distance
  7. Spending time with our grandsons and B & D
  8. Chatting via Facetime with J & S and the granddaughter
  9. Feeling encouraged about the work we do with the boys in our care
  10. Having a plan/questions for the doctor on Monday

So I continue, one foot in front of the other, currently hobbling more than I would like but it is what it is. Tomorrow is a new day and we will see what the doctor has to say, run some errands and probably go for an afternoon swim (if the rain holds off).


So what about you? What good has happened this week in your life?

Do you have any special plans or activities this week?

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