Saturday Ramblings

Today is prep day for our move tomorrow and what am I doing? Sleeping in, checking out Facebook, ate some yogurt & granola and now writing a blog post while listening to one of my crime shows…Ron didn’t sleep well last night so he was taking a nap and now he is showering and shaving to get ready to go have lunch with our Stalker Friends, Jen & Lee (spoken with a smile and I know they understand the joke). And I just don’t feel like packing up some stuff…so here I sit, listening to one of my crime shows and writing.

I will do the inside prep work later this afternoon after we get home from lunch. It should take me about an hour and a half to put the knick knacks up, stow the plants in the tub and get stuff hunkered down. Leaving just needing to pull in the slide, pack the ice chest with water & ice for the drive tomorrow and disconnect the power while Ron does the last of the outside stuff: hanging chairs on the ladder, emptying the tanks and then hooking up the trailer. Usually takes us about an hour to do all the outside stuff before being ready to pull out. Our plan is to get up at 8 and be on the road by 10.

Our drive tomorrow is about 215 miles, GPS says about 4 hours so we anticipate it will take us about 6…we keep the speed right at 55mph on highways but since we prefer to drive the backroads it takes us a bit longer. But that’s okay…we aren’t in a rush, just like to get set up before it gets dark. We will be staying at The Oaks of Point South, a park within our Thousand Trails membership. We will be there Sunday and Monday nights. On Monday, we plan to go into Savannah, GA for the day.

We are thinking of taking a buggy ride or catch the trolley to see the town and then do some walking around. Oh and we were told by cousin Julie that we MUST go to the candy store on River Street and grab some pizza at the hotel by the ferry shuttle stop…makes me think it’s going to be a high calorie day!!!

Tuesday we plan to drive a bit longer but will take off earlier than Sunday…we are going to Orlando TT for two nights and then on Thursday we will make our way to Bethesda RV Park where we plan on staying for a month or two while we look for a long term RV park with some amenities…to use on our off weeks from work.

We are excited about our upcoming move and a bit nervous as we learn about a new company, meet new kids, get some refresher training and continue our journey as Home Parents, planting seeds in children’s lives. And of course getting to spend time with our Florida family!!! Can’t wait for all those Grammy hugs!!!

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