Writing and Reflecting ~ life goes in circles

We are almost done with our first full week of being in our home here at A Kid’s Place. Our home is called Curry House. We have gotten into a little routine in the evening where I have been going to bed about 9:00 and getting up at 8:00…well today Ron is super tired. He has been staying up till our night staff comes on at 11 and so he usually doesn’t get into bed till about 11:30p. But tonight I told him I would stay up and for him to shower and go to bed early. I really do hope he is sleeping.

It is just now 11:01p so Ari, our night shift gal should be walking in the door any minute. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So Ron took our boy D and two of the other kids from here to Astroskate for Christian Teen Nite Skate. I was home with 8 year old B awaiting the arrival of two new little’s. But alas at 8:50p we were notified the new little’s weren’t arriving till tomorrow sometime so I was trying to encourage B to go to bed…but wait, is Mr. Ron going to be home to sit with me?? He asked…makes my heart smile that already we are building relationships with the boys in our care. I assured him Mr. Ron would sit with him when he got home. Well B did some procrastinating and was still up when Ron walked in the door. B was so excited and quickly asked Ron if he would come and sit with him. Ron said of course.

D took his time getting in the shower and ready for bed and I finally got Ron to go do the same. I finished up my daily notes, spent some time in the Word – something I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing and since morning’s are not working and I like to sleep in I thought I could read once the boys are in bed. One of us has to stay up till our night person shows up…

Sorry for being scattered…I joined a new accountability group and this is what I wrote this evening:

Good evening ladies!!! Oh what a day. I tallied my points 63! But what I am most thankful for is actually taking time to read in God’s Word.

I decided to read the chapter of whatever my devotion is from. Today was Romans 3 ~ What really spoke to me was that the reminder it is not what we do (works) but by loving the Lord, trusting Him and accepting the grace he so freely gives to us.

And that it is important to have goals and desires but that when we fall short to not be so hard on ourselves and to give ourselves the grace that Jesus so freely gives to us.

Thank you Kacy for starting this group and being an encourager in my life.

One thing I am proud of today is that I had 7,510 steps today!!! So I definitely beat my goal of one more step than yesterday.

I am also trying to eat some protein at night before going to bed instead of munching on candy or cookies or popcorn (my downfall) as the protein is better for me with my diabetes.

Well our boys are finally settled for the night so I think I’m going to do some writing – one of my long term goals that seems to fall to the wayside so often. Have a great night and day tomorrow ladies. I will be checking in late in the evening as we have a full day tomorrow and are getting two new littles in our home. Blessings to each of you!

After reading and writing the above I started writing/copying from one of my journals…I am wanting to put my journals onto the computer just in case my dream to write a devotional book ever comes to fruition I will have stuff to glean from…and it had to do with us just starting out as Home Parents at MCH and here we are just finishing up our first full week here at AKP! And thinking about the pushback from D the first few days here has made me smile over and over with how my reactions to him is so different from four years ago…

Monday, 8.22.2016

Lord, I just feel so defeated.  I try to do things for the boys and then they turn and tell me to F off or argues over every comment, every request or statement.  Lord I believe you opened the door for us to come here to MCH.  I felt prepared but today right now Lord I just feel depleted and discouraged and wanting to run away.  Yet Lord I know you are with me and will get me through this day. 

I Cor 10:1-3. Lord you offer to lead me where I struggle.  Give me the strength to accept your help so I can stay faithful to you. Amen!!!

And I can honestly say that in the past four years the Lord has definitely guided us as we walked through this journey called life.

Well scattered is truly where my mind is…I started this blog post knowing I wanted to share some things but for the life of me…my mind is blank…so I will close with happy reading from this scatter brained mama who is so thankful for where the Lord has planted us.

Stay tuned ~ who knows the next post might even make a bit more sense LOL!


Tuesday’s Travels ~ God’s Protection

A few years back my word for the year was FLEXIBLE! This trip has had lots of opportunities for us to be flexible and I am so thankful that the Ali of today is nothing like the Ali of the early 2000’s…quick to anger and angry at world. Today I give thanks for God’s love and patience…not only the patience He has with me but with the patience I have for myself and for and with others.

When we left Shallotte, NC on Sunday morning our plan was to go to The Oaks of Point South in SC, just north of Savannah, GA. And that’s just what we did. But leaving Shallotte had it’s own issues…our electric jack for the trailer got bent and then it died. Fortunately Ron was able to get the jack in the up position so we could drive without any issues. But it did leave us wondering about the jack.

Arriving at The Oaks and closer examination Ron figured out we needed to replace the jack. It had rained most of the day. In fact, at one point we had to pull off into a rest area and wait out the 30 minute thunderstorm. Again, God provided just what we needed…a rest area was right there…so off we pulled.

After waiting about 30 minutes we got back on the road and arrived at our designated campground around 4 pm. We got the power hooked up, ate some dinner, watched some TV and went to bed about 10:30 to the sound of rain beating on the roof ~ we never tire of that sound.

Monday morning when I woke up it was still raining or raining again. I decided to talk to Ron about the jack situation…after much discussion we decided to make a change in our plans…it would probably take a couple of hours to unhook, meaning we would have to spend about the same amount of time trying to hook up so we decided to just keep on going on our trip…we will plan a trip to Savannah on one of our weeks off (remember that’s why we like our schedule…we love being able to work 7 days on and then having 7 days to travel and do stuff!). So we got on the road about 11am.

Stopped just outside of Savannah at Camping World, bought a new electric jack and a few things for the grandsons! And got back on the road. Again, giving thanks to the Lord that he provides for all our needs in ways we could never expect. There used to be a time that I would be freaking out, wondering if we had the money to pay for whatever repairs we had to make…not this time…we have the money and no stress was happening…even $250 later.

Continued on our way to Florida. Enjoyed the scenery, well what we could see…still lots of rain happening. I don’t know if you have ever towed a vehicle but it does consist of some stress so we started talking about stopping along the way somewhere…then we decided to just find a hotel where we would have room to park the truck/trailer…made some reservations and stopped for the night about 6:00. We stayed at Best Western in Waldo, FL…the hotel was clean and the ac worked great!!! We just took it easy for the night. In fact I think I was asleep before 8pm!!!

This morning we got on the road about 9:45…only having 142 miles to go to Bethesda RV Park in Brandon, FL.

Just as we were about ready to get on I75 I dropped my crochet hook on the floor of the truck. Ron, being the bestest hubby asked if I wanted him to pull over so I could get it ~ YES, that would be great. There was a Pilot gas station so we pulled in and pulled around to the back. Went in and used the restroom, talked to a driver as we were crossing the parking lot, each of us sharing how Good God Is!!! Him driving his brand new pretty gold truck that he was able to purchase just a month ago!!! And us how the Lord just protects us every step of the way and giving us great opportunities to serve Him.

As we made our way to the truck I thought one of the tires looked flat! Yep…well we are prepared, we have two spares. And a guy who was parked next to us offered us his impact wrench and also a bearing ~ he said the back tire, behind the flat tire, looked like the bearing was going out!! And he gave us one out of the back of his truck!!!! He left with a sweet lady but as he was leaving he told me the truck was unlocked, use the tools he had in the backseat and whatever supplies we needed that he had in the back of his truck were ours for the taking. Just lock his truck when we pull out!!!! God is so Good and knows what we need before we even know!!!!

It’s a nice sunny day today

May be an image of road, nature and sky

Ron knows how to change the tire, has the tools necessary and we have the supplies, we are in a HUGE truck parking lot, not stuck on the side of the freeway somewhere, out of harms way!!!

My heart is full, I know I am loved and taken care of by God each and every day and today He has shown that over and over.

How has God shown you His love today?


Saturday Ramblings

Today is prep day for our move tomorrow and what am I doing? Sleeping in, checking out Facebook, ate some yogurt & granola and now writing a blog post while listening to one of my crime shows…Ron didn’t sleep well last night so he was taking a nap and now he is showering and shaving to get ready to go have lunch with our Stalker Friends, Jen & Lee (spoken with a smile and I know they understand the joke). And I just don’t feel like packing up some stuff…so here I sit, listening to one of my crime shows and writing.

I will do the inside prep work later this afternoon after we get home from lunch. It should take me about an hour and a half to put the knick knacks up, stow the plants in the tub and get stuff hunkered down. Leaving just needing to pull in the slide, pack the ice chest with water & ice for the drive tomorrow and disconnect the power while Ron does the last of the outside stuff: hanging chairs on the ladder, emptying the tanks and then hooking up the trailer. Usually takes us about an hour to do all the outside stuff before being ready to pull out. Our plan is to get up at 8 and be on the road by 10.

Our drive tomorrow is about 215 miles, GPS says about 4 hours so we anticipate it will take us about 6…we keep the speed right at 55mph on highways but since we prefer to drive the backroads it takes us a bit longer. But that’s okay…we aren’t in a rush, just like to get set up before it gets dark. We will be staying at The Oaks of Point South, a park within our Thousand Trails membership. We will be there Sunday and Monday nights. On Monday, we plan to go into Savannah, GA for the day.

We are thinking of taking a buggy ride or catch the trolley to see the town and then do some walking around. Oh and we were told by cousin Julie that we MUST go to the candy store on River Street and grab some pizza at the hotel by the ferry shuttle stop…makes me think it’s going to be a high calorie day!!!

Tuesday we plan to drive a bit longer but will take off earlier than Sunday…we are going to Orlando TT for two nights and then on Thursday we will make our way to Bethesda RV Park where we plan on staying for a month or two while we look for a long term RV park with some amenities…to use on our off weeks from work.

We are excited about our upcoming move and a bit nervous as we learn about a new company, meet new kids, get some refresher training and continue our journey as Home Parents, planting seeds in children’s lives. And of course getting to spend time with our Florida family!!! Can’t wait for all those Grammy hugs!!!