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Month: June 2021

  • Writing and Reflecting ~ life goes in circles

    We are almost done with our first full week of being in our home here at A Kid’s Place. Our home is called Curry House. We have gotten into a little routine in the evening where I have been going to bed about 9:00 and getting up at 8:00…well today Ron is super tired. He…

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  • Tuesday’s Travels ~ God’s Protection

    A few years back my word for the year was FLEXIBLE! This trip has had lots of opportunities for us to be flexible and I am so thankful that the Ali of today is nothing like the Ali of the early 2000’s…quick to anger and angry at world. Today I give thanks for God’s love…

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  • Saturday Ramblings

    Today is prep day for our move tomorrow and what am I doing? Sleeping in, checking out Facebook, ate some yogurt & granola and now writing a blog post while listening to one of my crime shows…Ron didn’t sleep well last night so he was taking a nap and now he is showering and shaving…

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