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Got off track ~

Life happens, work happens, swollen feet happen and goals get tossed in the wind.

I have typed up three pages of my journals…from 2016. It has surprised me to see that some of the issues I was dealing with then are some of the same issues I seem to be struggling with today. Life is so very different as we are now Home Parents to teens then we were co-managers of a 55+ community but in so many ways so very similar.

A question that keeps coming up in conversation with Ron and a few others leaves me wondering something yet I hesitate to put it out there. The other day I posted something on Facebook that I thought was kind of funny and yet sad…and got quite a bit of negative comments…so I did what I have been doing a lot of lately…deleted it. Said nothing. Just deleted it.

But my question keeps coming up…it has to do with the vaccine, yes the Covid one. The issue that seems to cause such division between people.

My question is “why is it any one’s business whether or not you or I get the vaccine?” I mean, if you have a colonoscopy do you tell your friends and perfect strangers on Facebook? I don’t want to argue, I am just curious.

Ron and I have heard talk about airlines going to ask for proof that someone has the vaccine before they fly…is that really anyone’s business? What about the HIPPA laws? I know I was admitted to the hospital the day HIPPA went into effect and my boss had to call me on my cell phone to reach me because the hospital wouldn’t even tell him if I was in the hospital or not.

I think about our boys and when they were little and got their vaccinations…I didn’t advertise to anyone when they got them. I am sure people would be surprised to hear that Jamie didn’t even begin getting vaccinations till he was 4 months old…most babies start getting shots at 2 months…but really who’s business is it?

Well I’m sure I have rattled some cages with my questions and tomorrow is our Tuesday ~ extra busy as we are going to be traveling after we get off work…it’s time to go get some more Grammy hugs!!! So I will close for now.

2 responses to “Got off track ~”

  1. We got vaccinated. Our daughters and son in laws got vaccinated. The son and wife says absolutely not. Does that mean we love them less or refuse to see them? Of course not…. their choice.

  2. My thoughts on the subject are as follows: I do not want Covid! One can still get covid even if you have had the shot (a lesser form) still I don’t want to get sick. So I choose to stay away from anyone who has not had the vaccine….my choice. I do not judge those who choose not to have the vaccine…there choice, just stay away from me. I have done everything humanly possible not to get sick with Covid. I realize one doesn’t share if they have had a colonoscopy, but here’s the rub Stanley…..huge difference between a colonoscopy and a Covid shot in a pandemic. HUGE. These are just my feelings on the topic.

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