Day 3 ~ 31 Days of Writing Prompts

This prompt was so on target for me today. I have been in a funk the past few days and like I mentioned yesterday I am the first one to compare myself to others or think I am not good enough. I heard it often as a child that “you are not good enough” “you are an idiot child” “why can’t you be like your sister?” the list goes on and on. And the tapes are hard to turn off

I will try! And that is all I can do. And so bypassing the tapes and moving directly to the question of the day “if someone were to describe me in a book, what would they say?”

They would say ~

  • Ali is a good mom and grammy
  • Ali loves her hubby
  • Ali likes to laugh
  • Ali loves
No Halloween Peeps: Peeps maker pauses candy production due to the  coronavirus - CNN
  • Ali tries to look for the positive
  • Ali loves Jesus
  • Ron would say “Ali is a pen snob :)”
  • Ali enjoys cooking
  • Ali loves being a Grammy
  • Ali is a good friend
  • Ali is too hard on herself
  • Ali is her own worst enemy and tattles on herself
  • Ali’s favorite color is Purple
  • Ali loves to
Beginners Crochet Tutorial-Slip Knot and Chain Stitch | Through The Loops

So if you are reading this blog post you must know me…so now I am asking you

How would you describe me in 5 words?

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