Day 2 ~ 31 Days of Writing ~ 5 Things I Love

Five things I enjoy doing:

  • spending time with my hubby
  • writing
  • walking at the beach
  • sending cards to friends
  • crocheting

One thing I enjoy about my life right now is that I not only live with my hubby of 45 years but we also work together as home parents (foster parents sort of). We are currently working in an emergency teen shelter in North Carolina. The location is perfect as we are just two miles from the waterfront. Which is another thing I enjoy ~ walking along the waterfront or sitting watching the ships on the water. We have a great work schedule as we work 7 days on with 7 days off. The downside is that I rarely have time alone for just me. I either have to get up early or stay up late which I really don’t like doing either one


but we make our life work for us and that is what counts!

Two of the things I like to do is write and send cards/notes to friends and family. It is a way to do two things I enjoy at once. I am trying to faithfully send cards out once a week. Again, my goal and I don’t always meet it but it’s okay.

And I love crocheting…I have found I love making baby clothes even more than blankets. And I enjoy making things for friends and family. This is the most recent baby outfit I made for Ron’s cousin’s first grandson!:

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Christ loving, fun making, traveling couple of 45+ years. Also known as Grandpa & Grammy!!

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