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Grab a Seat ~ from our worship service today

This morning Ron and I attended Beach Road Baptist Church. It was the second time we have been to this church. Both times we have felt welcomed right from the beginning and feel very comfortable in the service. Today’s Sermon was titled “Grab a Seat” by Pastor James Zik. The scripture was rooted in Ecclesiastes 7:1-12.

The theme that spoke to me is that one of our jobs here on earth is build relationships. That is one of the things we try to do with the children/adolescents that we serve in our position as a Home Parent. We were reminded today that our Character is one of the most important things about ourselves and something we stress that those in our care have control over. That who we are on the inside and we demonstrate on the outside is what is important. That we need to be consistent in our behavior all the time, not just when we are at church or with certain people but how we are all the time, in every situation.

Another big thing that spoke to me today is the reminder to Be Slow to Anger! I have learned over the years that it really didn’t do me any good to get angry over every little thing but to THINK before I spoke and that really life is too short to let anger control my every action.

The final thought on the sermon reminds me of many of the conversations we had over the past two weeks with The Girl that was in our care. And that is

It is important to remember what has happened to us, what we have done in the past but it doesn’t do any good to live in the past. That what is important is what happens today, what choices we make today and where we keep our focus – today, in the moment and the future…making good choices.

Thank you Lord for the sermon this morning, the time to gather with like believers and to be reminded that first and foremost I am loved by you just the way I am and that you give me the ability to look where I was and to focus on today and the future, making choices that reflect You in my life. Amen

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