Feeling Frustrated and Yet Blessed

Today is one of those days I am truly missing my Bestie and other girlfriends. I would love to be able to join her or any one of a number of friends at a local coffee shop and share a cup of coffee, some laughter and tears, great conversation, encouragement and brainstorm some ideas.

I am so tired of dealing with people who only know how to follow a script and don’t think for themselves or look at the whole picture. The issues of late are ones that make me think our traveling and living around the United States is really not a good idea.

Trying to get a car registered, driver’s licenses, car insurance and now appropriate health insurance have all been loaded with stress and more stress. Trying to explain we don’t have an electric or cable bill or a mortgage payment to prove we are living in North Carolina just doesn’t compute with people. We live in a travel trailer which is parked in a campground. We pay site rent which includes all of our utilities. We presented the receipt for that site rent but was told it was not acceptable because it was hand written…well of course the receipt is hand written but it has the campground name & address imprinted on the dang receipt!!!

We get mail at an address that the IRS acknowledges and North Carolina DMV recognized it as our address and registered our new truck, through the dealer, to that said address. Okay, the auto insurance company finally said “well if NC says that works then we can use that address.” DUH!!! It’s our address. We prove we are working in North Carolina but the concept of us living onsite while working and in our travel trailer on our off weeks just doesn’t compute with some people.

I had to get new health insurance due to new job and new state of residence. Okay, got that set up, verified my diabetes medication would be covered ~ yes my copay is $40 a month but I can handle that. Go to refill said prescription and new insurance says doctor has to prove I need that medication. Okay, did that in Texas but will the BCBS of NC recognize that ~ nope, has to be a NC doctor and we have start completely over with trying a 3 Step Therapy to prove I need the speciality medication Ozempic. Was first told it was an FDA requirement, no it’s not, it’s a stupid health insurance requirement. Can BCBC of NC take the results of the Step Therapy from the doctors and BCBS of Texas information ~ nope! Has to be done by a NC doctor…can you say collusion between the insurance companies and drug manufacturers and doctors/clinics?

Well, what if we pay cash for the prescription for this month on the prescription that is able to be refilled at the local Walmart and that be applied to my prescription deductible? Nope, needs preauthorization for the Step Therapy and since I don’t have that the insurance company won’t accept a receipt for $856 which is what the Ozempic would cost using Good RX to get a discount. Go figure…I am paying the out of pocket deductible!!! to the dang pharmacy one way or another. Okay, moving on, go to the manufacturer of Ozempic, get a discount card where because I have health insurance I would only have to pay $25 a month for the prescription…Yay, hippee skippee….NOPE because the insurance company still doesn’t have the preauthorization for me to use the medication because I have not done the Step Therapy here in NC – the pharmacy won’t give me the discounted price. But wait, they will let me pay $2026.25 for cash pay for the medication but wait again, insurance company still won’t put that money towards my $800 deductible!!!!

So I have a prescription that can be refilled but no way to pay for it unless I want to pay the $2026.25 for one month!!! Well since that is more than my take home pay for one month there is no way I can afford that. So I go without a much needed medication. And it immediately shows in my Blood Sugar numbers….I normally take the Ozempic every Tuesday. Sunday and Monday I already notice that my Fasting BS numbers are starting to climb but still in pretty good range…under 180…but no Ozempic this week and my numbers are climbing exponentially…this morning my Fasting BS was 220!!!! No change in what I have eaten the last week, still drinking same amount of water and because I can’t get the medication that is helping me to keep my BS numbers in check my numbers are skyrocketing!!! So yes I am frustrated.

So due to crazy insurance company regulations, people refusing to use common sense and look at things as a human and not a scripted conversation my health is at risk!!!

I have brought up continuity of care issues, tried to speak to a supervisor, tried to speak to a customer care advocate and get the same damn run around each and every time. And yes I am frustrated!!!

But wait, I am blessed…I have a husband who loves me and yes even drives me crazy at times

3 responses to “Feeling Frustrated and Yet Blessed”

  1. Sorry you are having these troubles, Ali. How is the job going?

  2. Hi Carol…job is going well. We are now on week two without any kids. We still have to be here as we are an emergency teen shelter so someone always has to be available. It feels kind of awkward being paid to just be and hang out. I am getting lots of crocheting done so that is a good thing!! Hi to Dave too!!!

  3. Could you go to a local urgent care and do a wellness exam, tell your story and get the prescription there to fit the NC regulations?

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