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Colossians 1:3-5 — A Reason for Hope with Don Patterson

This morning I was woke up to my phone ringing…it was Ron as our boy was having internet connection issues and couldn’t get online to do his school work. I mumbled I would be right down. I couldn’t figure it out so called the school to let them know he would be online as soon as we figured things out.

I never could figure out what was going on so I connected him through our hot spots on our phone…I then fixed me a glass of water and came into the living room to spend some time in the Word. And the Lord met me right where I was with the phrase “God has been patient with you, be patient with others!”

August 28, 2016: “Run Hard. Rest Well.” (Deuteronomy 5:12-15) on Vimeo

And then I opened my daily devotion with the above scripture. In the devotional it states we live in a culture of rushing!! Hurry and do this, instant gratification, and like a two year old we so often want what we want when we want it which is right now!! But God calls us to work hard, be consistent and yet he states many times over “Keep the Sabbath” “rest in me” and then Pastor Charles’ words come to mind


And so I sit here, listening to some worship music and give thanks for how the Lord provides for me…I have always struggled with “having my quiet time.” Getting up early is hard for me, give me a warm bed and sleeping in any day and yet after many years the Lord has allowed me to have a job where I am encouraged to be in the Word and spend time building my relationship with the Lord…I now have every school day morning where the kids we are responsible for are doing virtual school…and that gives me time to read, pray and study….thank you Lord for granting my desires!!

I wrote in my prayer journal this morning: Give GRACE to others as God gives Grace to me. What is grace: forgiveness, love, peace and calmness…God has brought me so far and I need to remember to give him thanks for His faithfulness. Ron and I often say “God has never failed me and we don’t think he will start now!”

As I read back to what I’ve written I realize I have had a spastic conversation here…as Ron says I’ve never met a word I didn’t like.

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I don’t know where my thoughts are going or if my writing is important to anyone else but I do know that I like to write and share how the Lord has and is working in my life.

I told a friend the other day that I would like to take all my journals and put them into the computer. I have always wanted to share my story of how even in the darkest of days and moments God has protected me with a thought or a call from a friend or a memory and I still want to do that I’m just not sure that is what I should do. Then I think about a word Margaret shared with me once when I asked her “how do you know you are doing what the Lord wants you to do?” Her reply was “just take a step, take another step, praying for the Lord to open doors for you and if He wants you to go another direction he will shut a door and open another one. I still think of that conversation often and just keep trusting the Lord that He is leading me where he wants me to go and do.

I’m feeling like I am going in circles in some areas of my life and yet I know I am doing what I want to be doing, well for the most part and so I will continue to keep trudging along and write when I am led.

And I AM

I'm thankful for . . . - Cassandra Hathaway

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