Looking for the Good!!!

My friend, Cindy Leffel posted the following on her Facebook page:

Well gang, let’s make a huge list of things we can still do!
We can still pray, talk on the phone, write letters, love one another, text, clean house, do yard work, go outside, walk, run, water sports, read, bake bread, bike, be thankful for silly things like Facebook…

in response to school closings, events being cancelled and the fear that is running rampant through many people’s minds…AND it made me stop and think again of the things I am thankful for:

~ a job where I get to love on kidlets and don’t have to work a second job
~ an 8 year old boy who loves baseball and being part of a team
~ a son who travels the world for his work being “grounded” for a bit who gets to be home with his wife and boys and be the hands on daddy he is
~ a granddaughter who turned 12 this past month!! She is a fighter and has come such a long way from the little 1 lb 15 oz baby girl!!! She is a voracious reader and loves to draw and play with her dog, cats and bunnies.
~ a son who loves to be a daddy and is not just a father ~ do you know the difference?
~ thankful my hubby was only bruised up when he fell over some bikes while unloading scrap stuff and not seriously hurt
~ that my boss only has Flu A and not the coronavirus
~ for sunshine…the sun is shining more and more each day
~ that I have gone two days without taking a nap!!!
~ having plenty of food and toilet paper in our home 🙂

and the list goes on and on!!!


What are you thankful for today?

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