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If you know me, you know I have been struggling with exhaustion for the past four to six weeks. And I am still exhausted. I slept from 9:30p to 7:30a which is nine hours if you figure in the 1 hour time change. I went back to bed at 9:15 when Ron left with the five kidlets for Sunday School and church. I woke up at 11:30a so that is now 11+ hours of sleep today.

I got up, showered and dressed, put some eggs on to boil, made the kidlets lunch of PB & J, got Ron and two of the kidlets out the door for baseball & softball practice and here it is 1:30p and I’m having a hard time staying awake…

I don’t understand where the exhaustion is coming from. Or why I have it and I have been thinking back to the years I dealt with insomnia where I went for almost four years only getting 1 to 4 hours of sleep a night and functioning at full board as a wife, mom, HR office manager, sports mom, friend, co-hort…busy all the time, doing stuff with friends and family and kids and more of the same and here today I can barely keep myself awake.

I used to complain I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep now I am complaining I am sleeping WAY too much…is there a happy balance…I don’t know but I sure wish I could find it.

I want to say Sorry for grumbling and venting but I need to share my feelings with someone…and I know Ron is tired of my complaining that I’m tired and I’m sure the kidlets are tired of my complaining I’m tired…HECK I’m tired of complaining I’m tired.

I have upped my water intake till I pee more than I sleep 🙂

I have taken the dog for a walk, thinking if I just force myself to get out and move I would have a bit more energy…isn’t that what they say…exercise and you will feel rejuvenated??

I think I will go and peel the eggs and then pick up my crocheting. The dress I made for Little Bit was just too big…in fact, it fit her sister and looks great with leggings…need to finish her hairband and then start a new dress for Little Bit and a headband to match and then I have 5 projects in my WIP pile (works in progress) and about 10 projects on the need/request list!!!

So my question for the day ~
How or what do you do to counter exhaustion, full blown exhaustion???

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