Awake Staff Needed at BBYR

Awake Night Staff are responsible for knowing what children reside within the cottage during their shift, completing observation forms in accordance with overnight procedures, and conducting routine bed checks to verify each child is in their assigned room/bed. Awake night staff is responsible for waking the regular house parents to address any out of the ordinary needs of the children such as when a youth requires emotional support, becomes sick during the night, or is not in their assigned room.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Assist in providing a safe, structured and nurturing environment for youth by providing a visible presence of safety/security throughout the night and alerting the regular house parents of any out of the ordinary activity during the night
• Possess general knowledge of children served, including any history of child sexual aggression, child behavior problems and/or victimization history
• Consult with daytime caregivers before each shift to ensure needs of youth are being met
• Provide daily documentation noting the events during shift
• Be able to complete in-service trainings successfully
• Be a positive role model for youth and co-workers while promoting positive work environment
• Must be willing to give and receive constructive feedback for professional development
• Must be able to work a flexible schedule.
• Responsible for obtaining and maintaining confidential information.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
Working Conditions:
• Works in a “home-like” cottage/house setting located in rural south Texas, approximately 40 miles north of Victoria,
• Must be able to use a telephone and computer.
• Must be able to stay awake during all eight to ten hours of work time.
• Must be willing to interact positively with children displaying inappropriate behaviors
• Must be able to interact with residents and other staff from various ethnic groups in a culturally competent and professional manner.
• High school diploma or equivalent
• One year of experience working with children, families or other vulnerable populations preferred
• Must be self-motivated and possess good communication skills.
*Must receive favorable results on background check*

~~~ Contact us for more information and a complete job description ~~~

4652 US-77-ALT S, Yoakum, TX 77995, United States

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