What Did I Accomplish this Week?

This is the question raised in one of my groups this morning…Dana wrote: Y’all are amazing and have your talents in just about everything. What did you accomplish this week? Got out of bed every day, even when you didn’t feel like it? I know what a gargantuan task that can be at times. Finish a project? Achieve a goal? Start something new? Tell us and feel free to leave pictures and links!

I was going to reply not much and then thought this is a good question for me to address on a blog post…

What did I do this week ~ I am going to do Monday thru Friday:

  • I got up each morning, twice even before the alarm went off
  • Put two baby gifts in the mail (can’t post pictures yet as I don’t want to spoil the surprise)
  • Started working on a project for Pastor Charles
  • Worked on a dress for AS which I have ripped it out so many times I can’t count but now I think I have the pattern going the way I want
  • Made dinner for 10 Thursday night
  • Made dinner for our 3 kidlets, Ron & I four nights
  • Took my meds each day
  • Attended a staffing for our 3 kidlets
  • Talked to my boss 2x
  • Got kids to baseball and softball practice 3x
  • Walked the dog 3 out of the 5 days
  • Visited with our housekeeper and shared a new recipe with her
  • Had breakfast out with friends
  • Did my Weekly Log Notes
  • Ordered our granddaughter her birthday gifts…can’s believe she is going to be 12!!!
  • Did devotions 2 mornings
  • Cleaned off my desk
  • Didn’t lose my cool when the 11 year old refused to do her math test

And I also:

  • Ate too much junk food
  • Didn’t drink enough water each day
  • Whined a lot about a situation I have no control over

Yet I feel like I haven’t done much this week. And if I thought about it for a bit longer I have probably done a bit more..oh yes, 3 kids laundry, 3 loads of our laundry, ran the dishwasher a few times

YET I feel like I am not doing much of anything…just functioning and doing what needs to be done, what is required of me and I feel busy most of the time

I also questioned why I don’t eat the way I know I should even in the face of seeing a friend end up in the hospital because she hasn’t done what she needed to do in regards to taking care of her health and yet I still chose to have a donut for breakfast instead of making myself something healthy to eat.

And this tells me that even though I don’t think I’m depressed I think I am in a depression of some sorts and I hate that…I hate that I don’t love myself enough to take care of myself…another friend recommended a book that has helped her to acknowledge why she doesn’t do what she knows she should do and that in reading it it brought awareness to her being able to make changes in her life. I thought about Tom T and him saying Awareness + Contact = Change so I ordered the book ~ it should arrive on Tuesday. It is

I also realized that when I was focusing on the 5 Simple Habits each morning I was doing better

  • Start each morning with 2 minutes with God
  • Drink 8 oz of water first thing
  • Get moving ~ for me this is being consistent on walking Joey each morning
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Breathe deep for 2 minutes

So once again I am going to get back on track with doing these 5 things each morning and get back into my morning routine…I KNOW that when I take care of me physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally I feel better about myself and how and why I live my life and make the choices I make.


So that brings me to my question of the day ~ How or what do you do take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally?

One response to “What Did I Accomplish this Week?”

  1. This {Un}Exceptional Life Avatar
    This {Un}Exceptional Life

    Right now, half of me is in autopilot. I am recharging at the library in silence, hoping it is enough to do what I need to do next week.

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