And Just Like that the Weekend is Over…

I can’t believe the weekend is over and back to work I am. It was a different kind of weekend for me…Ron flew out last Thursday afternoon to go to Tampa Florida to surprise our son, Brandon, for his 40th birthday!!! We pulled the surprise off ~ the three grand boys and Brandon were all pleasantly surprised to come downstairs on Valentine’s morning to see Grandpa drinking coffee!!!

My plan for the weekend was to stay home (no car as it was sitting at the Austin, TX airport) and crochet and rest and rest and crochet…which is just what I did…though I did get out at least twice a day to walk Joey to do his business.

I started a dress for Little Bit, didn’t like how it was turning out so ripped it out and started looking for another pattern…I think I found one.

I finished two little dresses w/matching headbands…need to get them in the mail this week so I can post some pictures and then started on an Virus afghan using country blue and yellow for a fundraiser that is coming up in April this year.

I am also working on three temperature blankets…

these are through the month of January…one is for Blaine, WA, one for Yoakum, TX and the third for Bonney Lake, WA….I will post February sometime in early March….

I am also working on a surprise project that I can’t mention who for or what because then it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore…LOL

So I spent my weekend, sleeping in, taking a nap or two, crocheting and watching all my crime shows on my DVR…I know Ron worries that I am up to something but I just keep telling him I’m learning what not to do…LOL

I have been struggling with headaches the past few weeks…one person thought it had to do with the barometric pressure but now I am thinking it might have to do with my left eye socket. My eye is irritated and very dry…guess I’m going to have to break down and find me an ocularist here in Texas since it doesn’t look like I will be going back to Washington anytime soon 😦

My writing has been nil, my drawing/coloring has been nil, my drinking water has been slim to barely one water bottle a day which I think is contributing to my UGH feelings and why I just want to crochet and sleep and sleep and crochet.

I’ve also been struggling with some weird dreams/nightmares and I’m not sure why…I have got my plans in my head for the IF THE…happens but the anxiety is high…which contributes to my nightmares and weird dreams.

I am so looking forward to my hubby being home this evening…I know that will help me to feel better and yet I am so thankful he was able to go to Florida and see B and the family!!!

So now that I’ve rambled for awhile I think I will close for now and get myself organized to start my new week off right tomorrow morning…back to my routine will be a good thing. Alarm is set for 4:45 to give me time to walk Joey, have some time in the Word and then be ready to relieve our overnight staff at 5:55a!

My question to you today is …once you get out of sync with your schedule/your routine what do you do to get back on and in the swing of things?

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