Do you ever just want to go and hide, hibernate and ignore the world even when there really isn’t reason for feeling like that??

I’m tired, I know that but it’s so frustrating when I am working so hard on making healthy choices regarding food and walking and trying to be positive and yet all I want to do is go into the apartment, shut the door, close the curtains, grab my blanket and my crochet and snuggle in my recliner and ignore the world.

No one has done anything or said anything, life is good and I have no complaints…I just want to go and hide and hibernate and not take care of anyone or talk to anyone or look at anyone…

…today is only Tuesday…we have to work till mid-morning on Friday and then I can do just that…go and hibernate and only take care of me…

…so I am asking you as my friend to just say a prayer that my energy level will rise to what I need it to be, that I can be the loving mama that these kidlets need, that I won’t feel snarky towards people I come into contact with

AND to remember to love the way Jesus loves me, give GRACE the way Jesus gives grace and to remember today is just today and tomorrow dawns anew!!!

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