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A Surprisingly Nice Day!

It is nice to have a nice day…
the sun shone for most of the day,
kidlets played outside from mid~morning till time to get ready to go to the campground potluck…lots of food, kids were great, had a couple of people come up and say how polite they were…always makes a mama’s heart feel good.
I like days where there are no arguments and everyone gets along.  Lots of kids here in the campground which kept the kidlets busy.  
Now they are all settled in for the night watching 
Ron has been busy reading a David Baldacci book “The Long Road to Mercy” and I have continued to just take care of me…I spent some time in the Word
and was encouraged “being renewed” as that is what part of this week camping has been for…to give us new and renewed energy as we begin this new year continuing as House Parents. And along with being renewed having a new attitude towards our health and being responsible and taking care of our physical body…God’s Temple…Habit #4 is Movement…just move at least 2 minutes a day!!

So today I drank 46oz of water (Habit #1) not as much as I would like but better than the 22 oz I had yesterday,

spent time in prayer before crawling out of bed (Habit #2)
eat healthy…I did pretty good at the potluck dinner having only one slice of cake instead of three or four desserts (Habit #3)
I sat outside in the sunshine for most of this afternoon, coloring and thinking of the many projects I would like to accomplish this year.  Lots of unfinished crochet projects, three Temperature Blankets…
Image may contain: stripes
one for Birch Bay, WA, one for Bonney Lake, WA and one for Yoakum, TX.  Once we are home from this camping trip I will be getting all my yarn together and start them…I want to do 5 to 10 rows at a time on each blanket…pictures will follow as they progress.
I also want to work on organizing our home…especially all the little cubbies that has stuff in it and once organized keep it that way.  And then getting our trailer organized so that on days off we can just hook up and go!!!
And like I mentioned yesterday I want to write more.
Right now I am just writing about our days and what is happening but in the days ahead I want to review the poems and short stories I have written and possibly submit some of them for publication.  I belong to a small group of writers and will be doing some guest blogging with them.  
I also want to work on Anne’s stories that she wrote and kept over the years…I would like to get them put on the computer to share with family.  And also finish a cookbook for another sweet friend who passed away many years ago…I would like to get it completed to give to her daughter and friends.
So you can see I have lots of things I want to do, now it’s time to get the lists going and prioritize what I want to work on.  
That brings me to…”I have a question” as Azzy likes to say multiple times a day…what tools do you use to keep track of your projects? your goals?
Do you work on everything a little bit every day OR
 do you set days aside to work on projects?
Do you set a deadline for working on specific things OR
do you just finish them as time permits?
I would love to hear your responses to my questions from today.


One more thing…if you are the praying type would you say a prayer for our friends who lost their mom this week and another friend waiting to get results from some medical tests.  Thanks!!!!

1 thought on “A Surprisingly Nice Day!”

  1. Hi, Ali I use a notebook as a bullet journal to keep track. I work on my priority first – 1 hour being creative. After that I work on 3-5 projects, 90 minutes each and a break between. I break down big projects into small parts to make them easier.

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