Moving Forward

Today has been a good day even though the morning was a little rough.
is how I felt this morning!
I got up a bit grumpy, okay a lot grumpy
because I got woke up hearing Ron say to Azzy “no you don’t need a lid for your cup” not once but three times!!!  Then Little Bit saying she was starving because no one ever feeds her!!!  Um, Girly, you are offered food multiple times a day!!! 
I got up, mumbled something to Ron 
and then went back to bed.  
I laid there for about 20 minutes,
said a little prayer
and then got up and got dressed and began my day again!!
Habit 1 ~ Drink a glass of water…nope, didn’t do that
Habit 2 ~ spend two minutes praying…no more like whining instead of praying
Habit 3 ~ read while laying in the  bed for 20 minutes ~ have a healthy breakfast…does a V8 count????
Took my meds, reminded Ron to take his,
gave the kidlets their vitamins,
told everybody to get dressed and out the door we went.
We went for a drive!!!
First stop was a local bakery that we like to visit when we are camping here at TT Colorado River
3 cinnamon rolls, 1 sausage & cabbage kolache and 1 cream cheese cherry danish
and we were good to go on down the road!!
Then it was off to 
a park in Brenham, TX
where we walked the trails and then the kids played on the playground!!
After burning up a bunch of energy we just had to go to 
for some banana pudding ice cream, cotton candy ice cream, chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream and tracks ice cream!!  It was enjoyed by all!!!
And then we took the scenic route back to the campground
and saw these beautiful reindeer!
Image may contain: tree, grass, plant, outdoor and nature & Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature
By the time we got back to the campground the sun was out and so the kidlets played outside…soon there were about 8 kids playing together.  It is so nice to hear them laughing and having fun!!
Before long it was time for the nightly trip to the hot tub and then back to the rig for dinner of cheese nachos and peppermint patties for dessert!!
Another good day in the books!!!

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