A Relaxing Day Yet Productive

Day two of the New Year and we are enjoying our time with the kidlets at the campground here in Columbus, TX.  Everyone slept in till just before 8a ~ so nice since when we are home one of us has to be up at 6:15a to let the overnight staff go home at 6:30a.  I am thankful that Ron has been getting up most mornings while the kids have been off from school…school starts up next Wednesday and I will get back to getting up at 5:15a to have my quiet time with the Lord before the day starts with the kiddo’s.  So it was nice this morning for the two of us to sleep in together.
Once up it was breakfast time.  Breakfast was supposed to be egg/bacon/cheese burritos but the tortilla’s were not edible (didn’t think to check them before heading out for the week) but the kiddo’s were troopers and bacon and scrambled eggs w/cheese it was.  
I put the first movie on to keep the kiddo’s occupied while I took care of me…
I have joined a 5 Day New Habit Challenge
Day 1 was yesterday ~ drink 8 to 16 oz of water upon rising and even before coffee!!  But I drank my water yesterday ~ success for Day 1!!
Day 2 is the same as Day 1 as far as drinking water first thing in the morning
Day 2 new habit is to spend 2 minutes in Prayer!!  
In the trailer there is not much room for privacy so while the kiddo’s were watching their movie I went and hunkered down in the bathroom and spent time in prayer.
I set the timer and gave thanks for this opportunity to be away with the kids at the campground (we were very limited at MCH on where we could go and what we could do with the boys there) so we are very thankful for the opportunity of “normalcy” with these kiddo’s.  And then I prayed for family and friends and focused some on my words for the year “chaos to calmness” and for the interactions with those I come into contact with on a daily basis.  To watch my tone and attitude especially with those I live with and interact daily.  Just as I said Amen, Little Bit says “Ms Ali I need to go potty…oops…guess my prayer time for this morning was done!!!
It’s been raining all day here in Columbus, TX so it was a jammie/movie day so popcorn was made and Baby Einstein was the first one up,
and then we opened the goodies from Conoco~Phillips…
were enjoyed by all and we watched 
and then it was time to burn some energy so off to the hot tub…
a large hot tub for six so was just perfect for the five of us.
Fifteen minutes in the hot tub and then showers for all of us
and then back home and start another movie…this time a Hallmark movie
and then goulash for dinner.
All the while the movies were on
I was busy trying to get our budget and financials for 2020 set up.
What a chore but I think it is done!!!
Next up pay bills!! 
But at least I have the spreadsheet all set up!!
So thankful we have the money to pay our bills
and meet our obligations
and a little left over to do some fun things!!
I am so thankful for today,
God answered my prayers for a good day with the kids, very little arguing between them, they ate what was fixed and offered, well everyone but Little Bit who was upset that the goulash was not spaghetti…she was not going to eat any elbows!!!
not sure what the difference is but not what she wanted!!
Now time to watch
And then call it a night!!
Hope y’all are doing well ~ remember to leave a comment if you so desire!!!
And if you can explain the difference between elbow macaroni and spaghetti noodles it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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