January 1, 2020

At the end of my rope…I had to laugh as I opened the devotional for today and this was the scripture as I am, at this moment, trying to figure out how to the DVD player to work without a remote…why you ask…because the remote is at home and we are camping 61 miles from home!!!
I think my frustration was showing through and Ron left to go to Walmart to get another DVD player…we have three little’s, camping for six nights and yes this mama needs her kids to be entertained at night and in the early morning hours….I know…some of you are thinking enough with the electronics…well this mama is thankful for tablets and movies and soon a DVD player with a remote!!!

Am I really at the end of my rope,
NOPE…just a bit tired, traveling always makes me tired,
then to find out that papa forgot to give the kidlets breakfast…WHAT??? and by the time we got the trailer set up it was lunch time at 2:30p!!!
And then what to fix for dinner…tonight it’s going to be Breakfast for dinner…eggs, ham, biscuits and jam!!!  Unless there is a McDonalds nearby and maybe we will go there this evening!!!  Who knows…I will let you know tomorrow what we end up doing for dinner!!!
Onto more fun things…
I got this link from a friend
Image may contain: stripes
and thought this would be a great project to do with my scrap yarn…
so I asked on Facebook who would like one, six people responded so I had Little Bit draw a name from the six and I am going to make that person a Temperature Blanket…well and one for me and one for Danell who sent me the picture.  Congratulations to Mary and I hope you enjoy your blanket when you get it next year!!!
I started a post the other day but never got past the first line as life called my name or maybe it was one of three little’s calling mama, Ms Ali, or ?? but whatever I was thinking about how my day just seems to jump from one thing to another and sometimes the one thing never does get done..like writing that blog post…so I have been thinking about being more intentional with my time and what I am doing.  I have so many things I want to do and then what needs to be done and then life happens and things don’t always get done when I think they will so as we prepare for this new year…can you believe 2020 is here already!!!!  
I can’t believe I am 62 years young or old however you want to look at it…I set my retirement date for January 15, 2025…that is 5 years and 14 days from today!!!  Someone said that seems so far away and yes on one hand it is, 5 years is a long time but then again in 1975 when I married Ron I thought if we made 10 years that would be a long time, then we made 20, renewed our vows at 25, then it was 30 and then 35 and then 40 and then this past December it was 44 years!!!  So yes
so it’s time to set some goals and see where I am in one month, six months, one year, two years and before I know it it will be January 15, 2025!!!
What do I want to do??
I want be more intentional.
Not just let each day pass me by, doing all the normal day to day things that a wife, mom, friend, sister does…
I want to get myself more organized…
…in my home,
…in my spiritual life,
…in what I do with my time.
I am a list maker
so that will probably be one of the first things I do…
make a list of what I want to do in each room of our home ~ to get more organized and to live more simply,
to be intentional in my relationships,
to spend more quality time with those I care about,
not just sit in the same room with each of us doing our own thing,
so that means putting my phone down, 
scheduling time with family and friends to be together and to do things together
and with that, 
Ron just pulled up to the campsite so I am going to close for now.
Spend some time with him and the kiddo’s!!!
What about you??
What are you doing today? Tonight? Tomorrow to be more intentional?

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