Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!


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the word that has jumped out at me this morning.

Joy in the little things, not just the big things.

Joy in watching a 5 year old eat a piece of cheese pizza,
with pizza sauce from one cheek to the other, 
laughing as she talks about her day.

Joy when struggling with a decision, knowing that
with the help of the Lord HIS Joy will shine through me.

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thank you Lord for your word for me today


You (or self)

Something I was taught many years ago,
it’s not about me or what I have 
it’s about trusting and believing in
Loving Him
and then loving others as HE as loved me
and does love me.

Lord as this new day dawns,
help me to show Your love to those we come into contact with,
especially as we prepare for a new day with these 
three little’s you have entrusted in our care…

Lord thank you for this second chance of being a good parent
to those who don’t have a mama or daddy to love on them;
guide us as we nurture and love on them
and also as we love and continue 
our relationships with our own sons and their families. Amen.

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