Wondering about a Dream I had.

I woke up just after 5:00 this morning from a strange and disturbing dream….

I was at an apartment complex/condo of some sort and two little boys came into the room I was in and was laughing and talking with each other about how they just shot and killed some lady and who could they kill next.  I don’t know how I did it but I grabbed their guns and made them sit on the couch while waiting for the police to arrive.

In the apartment/condo with me was my Pastor, Charles, a girlfriend but I couldn’t identify her, my lawyer and someone else I couldn’t identify and we were all busy gathering evidence all the while being very aware of what the little boys had done.

I was very unsettled when I woke up…why do little boys have guns?  who are they killing?  thankful I was able to over power them and hold them till the cops were able to arrive and that I wasn’t alone.  I then opened my email and this was the top email…my verse for the day…

Christ has redeemed me!!!  
No matter what has happened or is going on
Christ has redeemed me!!!
I sent out a quick message to our BBYR Ladies Prayer group along with the above scripture that I read, said a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for His timely Word, rolled over and slept for about another 90 minutes.
Thank you Lord for a new start to my day!!!

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