Seeing Life through the eyes of an 8 year old!!

This morning as I was getting ready to go to the grocery store, little AB, 8 years old, said “Ms Ali I’ve never been grocery shopping with you can I go with you please?”  Sure you can!! was my reply.
So off we went with our 
in hand.  AB had strawberry and I had blueberry…AB asked if I wanted to trade one of his for one of mine…sure we can!!!  
After arriving at the grocery store and each of eating our last bite, we began walking into the store.  AB says “Ms. Ali if we get the water first we won’t forget it.”  Smart cookie there!!  So we put the 5 gal water bottles in our cart and off to the produce department.  First up are bananas and then a salad to go with dinner.  Then followed a conversation of having chili cheese dogs for dinner…sounds good to me…so we bought some hot dogs (already have chili and cheese at home) and got some hot dog buns too!  Picked up cereal: requests for Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms…no problem…then picked up some other groceries like grapes, bananas, pickles, multi-vitamins and 4 gallons of milk…these kids sure like their milk!!
AB was such a  big help, he organized the groceries in the cart so we wouldn’t squish the hot dog buns, put the milk on the bottom so we wouldn’t drop it, 4 bags of cereal fit real good on the bottom with the milk…as we were loading the groceries into the truck, AB says “Ms Ali, I like going grocery shopping with you…you let me pick up the heavy stuff and that’s good because boys are supposed to help with the heavy stuff right?”  Oh, AB thank you for being my helper today!!  It was fun to see how you do things!!!
Once home, lunch was had by all…good ole peanut butter and jelly…how many sandwiches can eight kids eat…16…and one ate four of them!!!  I’m giving thanks I don’t pay for the groceries around here.  And tonight those same eight kids had 16 hot dogs between them with the 4 and 5 year old only eating one!!  It is fun to see kids enjoying eating!!
Breakfast tomorrow is French Toast…wonder how many slices I will have to fix??
One thing we do at dinner time is go around the table and each person shares their low point and high point of the day…a few of them said saying good-bye to DP who left today to go back and live with his mom…we are all excited for him yet a little sad because we will miss his laughter, sense of humor and even those stinky feet!!!
Now everyone is settling down for the night so this HP Mama is going to pick up her crochet hook and work on a moose and a baby blanket…
Talk to y’all again soon!!

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