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A Little Update ~

335 days of gate guarding is complete!
Actually our last day of work was Sunday, April 14 and we were on the road for a new adventure by 7:30a on Monday, April 15.
First stop was Kermit, TX at the Winkler County Park for five nights.
We slept, saw our friends Gary & Amy twice!! Enjoyed relaxing, made a couple of trips back to Pecos/Barstow: one to return the Lac Keys that we forgot to turn in and then once to go to the West of the Pecos Museum and get our mail.  
At the museum we saw life from the 1800’s to present day.  It was interesting to read about the oil trade, see relics of homes and doctor offices and we enjoyed some cantaloupe jelly beans…Pecos is famous for cantaloupes.  That is one of the things we enjoyed a lot of last summer ~ so yummy and fresh!!!
While staying in Kermit we made three trips to Odessa to the Verizon store to get a mifi card.  Bought it on Wednesday, took it back on Thursday because it did not work and still spent over an hour on the phone with customer service Thursday evening and still it wouldn’t work, so back to Odessa on Friday morning.  Was told “they had a new one that would work…well guess what, nope didn’t work, same issue as the old one so we did not get a wifi card for ease of accessing the internet but such is life.  
Today, here in Columbus, TX I am thankful for the free wifi at Thousand Trails, Colorado River and where we are parked I can access it from our little home on wheels.
Saturday we left Kermit and made our way to Dripping Springs, TX and
Cowboy Church of the Hill Country  Ron had emailed the pastor and asked if we could park our trailer there for the night and then attend services on Sunday.  YEP ~ so we did.  We had a great day on the road and enjoyed our time together traveling once again.  We arrived at Cowboy Church about 6:30p and since we didn’t have hookups when the sun went down so did we…it was so quiet it was almost hard to fall asleep BUT we did!!!  We heard a truck pull in around 5:30a to set up for the Sonrise Service which was set to begin at 7:15a.
We joined them for coffee before the service, met some wonderful people who love the Lord and celebrated our Risen Savior!!  What a blessing to be together, holding hands, singing songs of praise and fellowshipping with other believers.
After the Sonrise service we visited with a few people and then had a traditional Texas breakfast of burritos ~ made with scrambled eggs and venison sausage.  So very tasty and filling and of course, lots of coffee.
After church we made our way to Columbus, TX to Colorado River TT Campground.
We did the basic setup and then headed into town to get gas (that’s another story) and dinner…we ate at Nancy’s Steakhouse.  For dinner we each had a salad, baked potato, steamed veggies, grilled shrimp and a ribeye!  It was a delicious dinner and most of all we enjoyed sitting together, no trucks interrupting our meal and a sweet waitress who kept the water and tea glasses filled to the brim.
We will be here at Colorado River TT till Sunday, April 28th when we will head out to start another new adventure.!!
Our new adventure is taking us to Blue Bonnet Youth Ranch where we have accepted the position of Relief House Parents.  To start we will be working 3 days with 11 days off!!!  And you know us, we can do a lot of traveling those 11 days!!  Ron is already busy planning multiple trips including Land O Lakes, Florida, Blaine, WA, Milledgeville/Atlanta GA, Arley & Cullman, Alabama, Nashville, Arkansas and Branson, MO to name a few!!!
We are looking forward to working with our friends, Jack & Donna, sharing God’s love with children and hopefully making a positive impact on their young lives.
That’s our news for now!!
Will update again soon!
Now it’s time to head to the pool and enjoy the beautiful surroundings we find ourselves!!!

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