Speaking Out AND Oh Lord…YOU are so Good to ME!!!

Before I continue I would like to address a question that someone asked me…why do I share what God is talking to me about, does it have to be made public…I write 
for me and to share who I am and what I deal with to be able to go back and read where I have been and where I am at and where I am headed.
Especially with our current lifestyle..
we are isolated from people
except the drivers who come in and who probably don’t really care about talking to a woman…though we do talk about their kids and food, always food!!!
I chat with a few friends on Messenger or on the phone;
it’s the only way I can fellowship with others right now.
Yes, this is our life right now, 
yes, we have chosen this job for now and yet I have resources to communicate with others and sometimes Ron really gets tired of my chatting.  As he likes to say he can say whatever he needs to in 150 words or less where I need 10,000 words …
so I write…
if you don’t want to know what I’m thinking,
or reading, or writing then don’t read my blog.
No one is forcing you!!!
I also write so that those who are important to me can know where I am at, where I am coming from, what I am thinking about, along with sharing memories of things we do and see, it’s a way to share us with our friends and family.
So again let me say,
read my blog if you want,
be my friend on Facebook if you want,
if you don’t then don’t!
So with that, and if you are still reading…
As I was walking out to get some meter numbers  this morning I was chatting with God about how I wished I knew how better to pray…it is something I have struggled with for years…not all the time but sometimes…sometimes I feel like God is sitting right next to me, never letting me go and other times I feel like I am begging Him to come near…and yes, I know HE is always with me…it’s just the dang feelings…
Yet once again, YOU met me right where I am…
You are always with me and if I stray you will welcome me home again!!!
And You love me just as I am
and though words don’t always come to me You know my heart
and thoughts!!
Thank you Lord for meeting me right where I am this morning!!!
And the reminders from You today…
Genesis 9:18~28
is full of reminders that we need to be aware of what we say because we never know who is listening or how our words will affect others.
And yes, I know what I wrote/said above and again,
if you don’t want to hear what is on my mind,
then don’t.

And if you want to talk further about this 
I am open to discuss it with you.  I don’t believe the Lord is telling me to be quiet, He is telling me to be aware of what I say…
…is it truth?
Proverbs 27:17
To speak in love, no matter what!!!
and Proverbs 16:28
Gossiping is a BIG NO NO!!!
If you find yourself saying “I probably shouldn’t tell you this…”
Then don’t!!!
It’s so easy to share “a prayer request or concern…but really if God already knows about it, share the concern and prayer request with “Please join me in praying about a situation.”  No reason to give details!!!
and then
The question came to mind…
we are to love others as God has loved us,
we are to extend grace as He has extended to us
so how do we love those we know are openly/purposely sinning?
First off, we are not to judge one another,
that is God’s job!
In simple words I think we are to love the sinner not the sin.
Sometimes definitely easier said than done, yet we are still supposed to love.
Then the question comes, if we love the sinner are we then approving of their sin,
NO I don’t think so, we love the person, not the sin…
I think of myself, loving and caring for someone very dear and important to me who smoked and drank way more than I thought was right…I still love that person
but I don’t give him/her money as I don’t know if they he/she will buy cigarettes or booze but I can buy them food, pay one of their medical bills…I’m still loving on them just not helping them to sin.
This may be too simple of an explanation, but it’s what I think.  
What do you think?

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