Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

2019 has Begun!

The holiday season has been a bit different for us this year while we have been working as Gate Guards…we decorated our little home on wheels
Matilda the Flying Pig!
Making Gate Guarding Fun!

A different Christmas tree this year!

Mrs. Claus joined Santa thanks to Heather Peterson
We were able to FaceTime and Chat with our boys and their families,
which we always enjoy!
We fed 9 drivers Christmas Dinner…it was fun to see them get so excited about a home cooked meal and we loved making their day.  Also gave out numerous goody bags with fudge, homemade candy and cookies.
To close out 2018 I made my mom’s chicken gumbo,
our grandson’s call it hot dog soup because of all the different kinds of sausages in it,
and we ate on it for three days…which is good because the 2nd and 3rd days are the best!!!  Told Ron I think I will make it again towards the end of January as it not only warms the tummy but my heart!!
And today is 
January 1, 2019
We have enjoyed being together today,
I made a chicken/ginger/soy sauce dish, served over rice and green beans 
and watched a little football and a couple of recorded Christmas movies.
We are looking forward to 2019
and new adventures.
We are working on plans for our 2019 Summer Trip
which will actually start on May 20,2019
when we leave our jobs as Gate Guards 
and head to Waco to see “one of our boys” graduate from MCH
and then make our way to Florida and places in between.
What plans have you made for this new year?

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