Being Thankful

With Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close I have been doing some thinking…how blessed I am, we are….

This past year has found us traveling from Texas to Utah and back to Texas.  We have been able to visit family in Oregon and Arizona and work in Utah and Texas.

We have faced some hard times ~ Ron being diagnosed with breast cancer and making plans, revising plans and making even more plans.

But through each day we are blessed and surrounded by those who love us,
maybe not closely surrounded
but with the help of technology family is as close as the phone or laptop.

As many of you know I love to cook and entertain but this year our entertaining has been different…we made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
and served our drivers…and they were so appreciative. 

We are already talking about Christmas dinner and what we can make to serve the drivers…what is your favorite thing to eat on Christmas Day?

I thought of the many friends we have made over the year and even though I didn’t call everyone we thought about, know we are so thankful for all who have been a part of our lives and continue to be.

As you move forward into the Christmas Holiday Season,
remember Christ is the reason for the season
and to share a smile with those you come into contact with…you never know what others are dealing with and that smile may be just what they need!!!

3 responses to “Being Thankful”

  1. What a nice way to celebrate this season. I've often thought of writing each day listing three things that made me smile. Your post reminds me of that thought.We have friends that live is Sequin and stay of their property when down that way. Maybe sometime this Spring. If so, would be a delight to see you and Ron again.

  2. Nerver to early to be thankful for the joys of living.

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