Verse image
they come and go,
sometimes expected, sometimes not
This week in August
is always full of memories,
some that just envelope me in warmth
and others where the tears run freely
We celebrate the birthday of Jamie.

Jamie at 5 Weeks.
Jamie at 1 Year
Jamie, SR Year of High School
Lots of memories, most of them happy,
some scary ~ like when he had his first seizure at 15 months,
some frustrating ~ like when he skipped school and got into a car accident,
some delightful ~ being a part of his wedding and the birth of his daughter,
Hard to believe that our little 3 lb 12 oz, 19 3/4″ baby boy,
long and skinny
is now 41 years old, married, has a daughter,
owns his own home,
and brings lots of joy to his family.
Memories of a sad/difficult time
Our precious baby boy,
Royce Alan
was only with us for three short days.
Hard to believe it has been 41 years since
we have seen his dark hair, chubby cheeks,
he weighed in at 4lbs 8oz, 18″
his own little being
or even been able to give a hug or a kiss.
We miss him every day.
And we cherish those three days of memories.
This morning
I opened my scripture for the day
and this popped up.
Verse image
We have traveled some dark and difficult days
but through it all
Jesus has guided our steps,
walked with us,
carried us
and planted us where we need to be 
for every given moment.
And for that we are very thankful.
We love you Royce!!!
And we are so thankful for our family
Treyson, Brandon, Ron, Ali, Alexander, Jamie, Opal
down front, Christopher
(missing Suzanne and Danalyn ~ our two daughters in love)

High School SR 2017
What are you thankful for today?

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