God’s Timing

I get a picture scripture every morning and this morning this showed up in my email:
And immediately I felt warm cuddles from my Abba Father!!!
God’s timing is perfect….
Yesterday I got a note from a sweet friend that said she had been thinking about me as she knows this week is not an easy time for me.
God’s timing is perfect….
In the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday,
we got a phone call from our son, Jamie.
His 41st birthday!
He always calls us as soon as he gets up
and sometimes even at the minute he was born…
one special memory was I was in the hospital with pneumonia,
Jamie was in Iraq
and my cell phone vibrated at 2:41 am
August, 8
and it was Jamie!!!
He didn’t know I was in the hospital
but he knew he wanted to call me for his birthday!!
God’s timing is perfect….
I received an email earlier in the week from another dear friend,
saying I had been pretty quiet lately…
I think I have been recuperating in my own way
from the emotional and physical roller coaster
we have been on for the past two months.
God’s timing is perfect….
This time of year is full of ambivalent emotions…
we celebrate the birthday of Jamie,
hard to believe that little baby boy,
born 8 1/2 weeks early
is now a 41 year old 
healthy, happy, husband and dad!!
And yet at the same time,
tears are on the edge,
thinking of Royce,
who will always be a baby in our heart,
only here for a short time,
but an impact on our life just the same.
And we wonder what type of man he would be today.
and so
we mourn for the loss of our precious baby,
comforted to know that he rests in the arms of Jesus.
And we celebrate the life of Jamie,
and all he has accomplished!!!
we are blessed beyond measure!!!!

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