Surgery and Home

We are happy to report that Ron’s surgery was a success!!!
Dr. M said surgery went well though Ron had a hard time in recovery. 
He tore out his IV twice!!  And kept trying to get up.
BUT once the anesthesia was out of his system,
he was the happy Ron we all know and love!!!
Medical Update:  
~ tumor was 2.5 cm
~ tested two lymph nodes ~~ both were clean and clear!!
~ we see the oncologist on Tuesday morning;
we don’t anticipate the need for chemo or radiation 
but won’t know for sure till then
Ron is able to return to work
which we will do starting Sunday morning at 6am.
We are not sure of what our schedule will be
but we will work it out.
The nice thing about our job is we set our work schedule
and we have an alarm system o let us know when trucks are coming in
so catnaps are on the agenda.
Some have asked how funding is going for Ron’s surgery and medical expenses.
We were told at the hospital we do not qualify for assistance from them because we do not live in their county 😦
and are having problems finding funding
1) because Ron is not a woman
2) can find for chemo assistance
Reality is that the resources for women with breast cancer are plenty and readily available, for me it is a totally different story, which is very sad
Our fundraising has raised $1633 so far,
our expenses so far:
$125 for initial appointment: paid cash in full balance 0
$1250 for initial mammogram & ultrasound: paid $200 ~ balance $1050
$284 for BRCA test: balance $284
$250 for processing of BRCA test: balance 0
$200 for initial visit with Dr. M: balance $200
$387 for upcoming initial oncologist appointment: balance $387
Anesthesia: unknown
Hospital: unknown
Dr. M surgery: unknown 
So you can see we have and will continue to incur some major expenses.
If you are able to help in any way, we would greatly appreciate it.
Donations can be made through 
Paypal ~ use thewanderingworkentins@gmail.com
(no fees)
Thank you all for the donations and most of all for your prayers and support.
We love y’all!!!

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