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Holding Pattern

One week to go!!

Ron is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, July 18.
We still don’t have a time, just the date.

We have been doing research,
looking for assistance with funding.
We have been told the surgery will run between $10 & $15, OOO

One thing that was suggested to us was to do fundraiser
So that’s what we did

It is not easy to ask for help
but have been encouraged by many that people want to help others 
they often just don’t know how.

Since many of our friends and family are a distance away
this is a tangible way for you to help us out

There are two ways to donate to the fund:



(there are no fees if you use friends/family)


through mightycause.com
You can click on the link above and go to the website.

Most of all we covet your prayers

~ for physical healing for Ron
~ Ron has had some pain in his left side where the lump is located, 
so please pray for the pain to lessen to nothing!!
~ for strength and stamina for Ali
~ for financial responsibilities to be met
continued thanks for the peace that passes all understanding
that is surrounding us.

As well, please feel free to share our fundraiser page 
or this blog post.

God is Good
All the time God is Good

and we know He will provide for our needs
even the one that seems so out of reach right now.

To give you an idea of the cost of Ron’s care
~ $50 for gas each time we have to drive to Midland
Ron has a trip tomorrow for his pre-op appointment
Wednesday, July 18 for surgery
Thursday or Friday to return back to Pecos
One week later another trip to Midland for follow up
= $200

~ surgery
$10 to $15,000
this does include the doctor and anesthesia and hospital stay
barring any complications

~$250 for the genetic test, BRCA
that Dr. M had performed last week
this test is important as it will let us know if our boys and grandchildren 
will have a disposition to this type of cancer.

Thank you so much for reading our blog,
praying for healing for Ron,
praying for peace for the both of us,
praying for the hands of the surgeon

Thank you for the donations that have been made.
As of 7.11.18
8:06 a.m. CT
$225 raised!!!

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