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New Adventure ~ Gate Guarding ~ McCamey, TX

We have begun another new adventure, makes our name
The Wandering Workentins
We have just completed our first gate
McCamey, TX
 Not sure why I can’t get all the pictures off my phone
I’m sure it is owner/operator
but here is the sky from the yard from earlier today.
This job started has stretched us in some ways
~ figuring new schedules
~ living with lots of dust
~ not going for drives
~ lots of quiet time
At moments it seems like this will be a good thing,
other times the mind 
wonders can I survive this?
I can tell in my writing that 
I’m a bit displaced
as I can’t seem to gather my thoughts
to put things in order
So as I would tell my bestie
“this is me rambling”
not sure what I want to say
but want those, if anyone,
who reads this blog
to know we are fine,
we are trying new things
and will continue
to keep moving forward.
Maybe after the second week
the thoughts will come together.
So on that note,
stay tuned!!!

2 responses to “New Adventure ~ Gate Guarding ~ McCamey, TX”

  1. Gate guarding is NOT for everyone…David and I enjoyed it immensely, and would still do it IF his health was better. Can't beat the money as far as we were concerned.

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