Struggling and Holding On

As I sit here looking at the beautiful scenery here at
Valley of Fires
I wonder how I can feel so down.
I am thankful for a friends message this morning
and felt encouraged.
Emailed my bestie,
felt encouraged,
Wrote a note to a special someone
and ended up in tears 
and am now wising I could take back my note
because, just because!
A friend mentioned a word study they are doing,
said I could buy it on Amazon
well not really,
no money
and having to 
watch where every penny is going right now.
Tears streaming down my face,
want to run and hide,
want to cry out in hurting pain,
and then tell myself to 
Image result for pull your big girl panties up
And get off the Pity Party Train!!!

One response to “Struggling and Holding On”

  1. We know what you are feeling…BUT…like we keep telling ourselves…stop worrying…every little thing is going to be alright…now, this moment is the only time we have, tomorrow is not guaranteed, not even the next minute is guaranteed so live and enjoy this moment and let the rest take care of itself. Trust us, we are in the same exact space in our lives and this is what is helping us get through it. We pray and then we let it go and allow the Universe do the rest!

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