Honest Truth ~ Part 3!! And HOPE!!!

As I fell asleep last night,
I found myself praying,
Lord, I trust you
just right now it is so hard!!!
Image result for trusting jesus is hard
And claimed my life verse
Image result for trusting jesus is hard
and fell fast asleep.
I woke up a couple of times,
but went right back to sleep.
Woke up at 7:30 this morning,
feeling refreshed.
Quietly got out of bed and went into the living room,
pulled out my Bible,
my devotional journal,
my pens
and opened 
Image result for illustrated words of jesus for women
May 4
and read the title
Image result for worry free zone
and started laughing and crying!!
God you are so Awesome!!!
You always meet me right where I am!!
And so I colored
and I read, 
I cried
and felt comforted!!!
Things may be hard right now
GOD has me right where I belong!!!
Right where I need to be!!!
And nothing I am going through,
he doesn’t already know about!!!
Thank you Lord
for this new day!!!
For a husband who loves me!!!
And for every adventure 
You lead me on!!!
Is life perfect?
No not at all!!!
But it’s okay,
I will be okay,
I am okay!!!
With God I can conquer anything!!!
The next few weeks may be hard,
that’s okay,
we’ve faced hard before
but we will get through this!!!
And through it all 
I will give God the glory!!!
Now let’s go visit that
Ghost Town!!!

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