Honest Truth!! ~ Part 2

Thursday, May 3
wasn’t much better.
Didn’t sleep well,
tossed and turned,
talked to God,
wondered why ~ does it do any good?
Felt the wind blow some more,
the trailer was rocking
and it was not fun!!!
Ron said,
Image result for Let's go for a drive
I didn’t want to.
I was having a pity party.
Feeling like life was horrible
Asking what was the use?
But off we went.
Drove about five miles into town to find a grocery store.
town looks pretty desolate,
found a gas station,
houses look dilapidated
windy and dusty
didn’t say much to each other
did notice one pretty house
found a little store,
bought a loaf of bread,
a bag of chips
Image result for green snowball cakes
for me
and a 
Image result for reese's peanut butter cup pieces
for Ron
Drove back to the trailer,
made home made chicken noodle soup
not really,
took a bag out of the freezer
and reheated it up.
Added some more noodles
And watched TV on the broken TV.
Ron mentioned going to a ghost town on Friday
~ how we have no money!!!
means no gas
need what little we have to get us to Texas in two weeks!!!
More silence!!!
Played solitaire and puzzles on my phone
and went to bed about 10:00 pm.
Might as well,
it’s free
and I can!!!

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