Changes on the Horizon ~ Yes AGAIN!!

Image result for the only constant is change
And once again, we are making changes.
Well, in fact, we have already made some changes in our lives and more changes are coming.  
On April 19 we gave our notice at Hi~Road Campground.
Things were just not working for us.
Both of us were having some issues.
And so we began praying for what to do next.
Our friends, Gary & Amy called one day and asked if we had ever thought of Gate Guarding?  Yes, a few years back and now the opportunity was presenting itself once again.  So we decided to take the plunge.
April 22 was our last day at Hi~Road Campground.
We left there on Monday, April 23.
We went to
Image result for pipe springs kaibab campground
which has a brand new campground and stayed for two days.
On Tuesday, April 24
we went to the

Tuweap, which is part of the North Rim of the
Grand Canyon!!
We hiked around for about 45 minutes, 
got a bit of a sunburn
but enjoyed seeing God’s beauty!!
On Wednesday, April 25
we made our way to 
Image result for las vegas thousand trails campground las vegas nevada
Las Vegas Thousand Trails.
It has been warm, sunny and wonderful to be back
where our lives started together.  
One day we drove around and found our the church we first met at
Desert Hills Baptist Church
 It has definitely changed from the one building located on a gravel road
to a huge sanctuary
To our first apartment ~ 
inside the red door, up the stairs to the apartment on the left.
The only difference, it has since been painted.
We then drove to the hospital where
Royce & Jamie were transferred after their birth.
Can’t believe it has been over 40 years!!!
We are so thankful for the doctors who treated our boys
And then a stop at the cemetery
where Royce was laid to rest.
We were pleasantly surprised to see someone had put 
two pinwheels on his grave.

And then we drove up to Hoover Dam,
Boulder City and Lake Mead
where we spent many a weekend.

Note: the four islands behind us used to be one little island,
that is how low the water level is now.
It has been good to be back in 
Las Vegas for a few days
but work is calling our names.
Tomorrow we begin our trek back to Texas
where we will finish up the paperwork
and get our fingerprints taken (again ~ you would think in this day and age, they would transfer from one business to another).
And begin the next adventure of
our life together.
Stay tuned to see where we go and what we do!!!

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