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As I made my way to the living room I glanced back at Ron who was still sleeping and my heart just warmed up.  I am so blessed to be loved by him.  I am loved beyond measure.  I don’t deserve that love YET Ron continually loves me.  He tells me not only in words but in little things he does ~ like doing the dishes each morning, letting me sleep in on days off, holds me when I ask and even when I don’t.  
And for 42 years we have had this crazy conversation
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we don’t yell it ~ we laugh over and over ~ I love Ron more because I have to produce more love to go around him but he will tell me he loves me more because there is more of him to produce more love.  I think we are both right.
But OH how God’s love is so much more!!!
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He commands us to love one another
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It’s not easy to always love someone
and I know I haven’t always loved the way I should
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My prayer this morning
Lord, help me to love as you have loved me,
help me to extend grace and mercy,
as you do for me each day.
Help me to remember I can love
because you first loved me!
just love 
one another.
What a beautiful world we would live in,
if people first just loved one another.

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