Feeling Nudged!!

This morning as I prayed asked the Lord what did He want to teach me today?
My devotion was titled 
Image result for Peter 3 8 - 11
And immediately my sister, Joanie, came to mind
As I mentioned many times in my blog,
Joanie has chosen not to speak to me since 2008 and only a few times
before then since 1990.
Yet again, this morning I am nudged by God 
to reach out to her one more time.
This blog is the only way I have to communicate with her ~
so this morning I say again

Joanie…I don’t know what I did or said that makes you hate me, makes you choose to isolate yourself from your family.  

I can’t fix anything, I can’t address the issue
Image result for unless
you speak to me.
You have my email and you know you can contact our niece to get our phone numbers
but as they say
Image result for the ball is in your court
So once again,
life is too short to not spend time with your family.
You have two nephews who speak of you
and wonder what is going on that you don’t want anything to do with them.
You have two niece-in-loves who I believe you would enjoy knowing.
And you have 5, FIVE, great nephews and nieces
who you would enjoy and see how they carry on the 
Nelson/Lockwood traits.
So once again,
I say,
Image result for put your differences aside
I miss you, I love you
and I really wish
we could be friends and family.
Our parents are gone,
our sister is gone,
let’s be sisters
like God intended.

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