A Fast Paced Week!

Whew!  I’m tired and I think Ron is too!!!
Last I wrote the travel trailer, aka Gypsy ~ I want to start really using her name, was at Bellringer’s RV Repair,  1522 E. Tinsley Road, Waco TX 76706 (254) 662-0727 to get the necessary repairs from our blowout on the road the end of December and to get the bearings greased for our trip.
We picked up Gypsy on Monday, January 22nd and she looks mighty spiffy. 
We loaded up the groceries we bought before picking up Gypsy and then we were on the road to Bay Landing Thousand Trails Campground.  It was a nice campground ad we had a pull through spot. Knowing we were only going to be there one night we decided not to hook up.  It was a bit windy and we made the mistake of not putting the stablizers down for the night ~ so we did a lot of rocking and rolling!!!  We were off to bed before 10pm.  
Tuesday, Tuesday, January 23rd, morning we got up and was on the road by 9:09 am.  We had wanted to be on the road by 9:00 so we were pretty close to our schedule.  Off we went to Red Rock Canyon Sate Park to meet up with our friends, Gary and Amy for a couple of days.   Our original ETA was 1:02 pm and we actually arrived at 2:30 pm.  Not bad considering Ron was driving with a full on side wind the whole way and us old people need to stop to take potty breaks and then never coincide with stopping to get gas.  Heck, we use the restrooms every time we stop whether at a gas station to get gas or not. 
We had a great time relaxing and visiting with Gary and Amy.  Well, Amy and I did some relaxing and lots of visiting while Ron & Gary worked on a couple of projects on the Hector’s motor home.  
Thursday, January 25 we each went our separate ways as the Hector’s had to go back to work and we were heading to Amarillo, TX.  
We made a detour to go through Corn, OK.  Many of the Mennonite Brethren who escaped out of Russia/Siberia in the late 1920’s settled in Corn.
saw lots of fields,
 and saw lots of cotton rolled and in the fields. 
and murals 
welcome sign & old truck
 the Mennonite Brethren Church on Main Street
some cool things in town
another mural and rectangle cotton ready for pick up
As we were headed to Amarillo we found out that our son, Brandon and his wife, Danalyn had some scheduling conflicts and both needed to be out of town at the same time for their jobs…so we did the only thing we knew to do…we changed our plans and decided to drive to Tucson in three days instead of 13 days!!!  
We followed the route we were going to take through Amarillo, TX to Roswell, NM to Alamogordo, NM, through Deming, NM on to Tucson, AZ.
We arrived on Saturday afternoon at Ron’s cousins, Erv & Anita, who have graciously allowed us to park our trailer at their home.
Gateway to the Cousins!!
Sunday morning, super duper early, Ron took Ali to the Tucson International Airport.  Let me just say it is much bigger than Waco Airport!!!  But hey, the steps start adding up quicker that way.
Ron will be staying in Tucson,
hanging with his cousins and 
aunt & uncle
The flight was from Tucson to Phoenix to Portland, OR.  The flight was delayed by about 15 minutes in Tucson and over an hour in Phoenix.  The plane finally landed in Portland around 2:10 pm.  Danalyn, Treyson and Alexander picked Ali up at the airport as Christopher was over at a friends home and Brandon had already left on his business trip.  
There is nothing better than hugs and smooches from our grands!!
Stay tuned for more adventures with the 
Wandering Workentins!!

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