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A Laid Back Day ~

Today was a laid back day.
Woke up about 10:30 when the phone rang, it was Ken from Bellinger RV Repair here in Waco, TX.  He wanted to let us know that in greasing the bearings on the trailer he found the right passenger spring had been flattened from when we had the blowout ~ uh oh,  but he wanted to get our okay to repair it.  Of course, we are getting ready to hit the road and need our Little Home-on-Wheels road worthy.  Ken also confirmed the trailer will be ready for pickup Monday at 11:00 am!! Yippee!!!
With nothing on our must do list today we decided to take one more road trip before we leave Waco next week.  So off we went to Athens,
Texas that is!!!
Here are some pictures from our drive today.
Hope you enjoy them!!

First stop was Historic Downtown Corsicana, TX

Old buildings,
courthouse and old church.

As we were leaving the historic area we saw this old trolley car,
Ron said “they must have used a great lift kit on that thing.”

And then we found ourselves in the small town of Kerens, TX,
population 186 and this very beautiful
Veterans Memorial Park

As we were walking back to the car memories of our time in Holland surfaced,
the cobblestone streets reminded us of the center square at
Camp New Amsterdam where we were stationed
from November 1977 to January 1979.

Now that is one place we could go back and visit.

Our travels continued on 
through Athens ~ never saw a sign or anything that
seemed picture worthy
until we turned onto 
Highway 19 and headed back to Waco
and we saw the sun trying to peek out
from the clouds!

 We are now settled in for the night
and trying to figure out
what tomorrow will look like.

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