Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Moved Back to Waco ~ for Now.

On Thursday, January 4th we moved from Lake Whitney Thousand Trails
back to Airport Park in Waco, TX.
This is our view for the next two weeks.
What’s wonderful about this site is that no one will park in the site across from us as it has some power issues.  It also has a great shade tree over the picnic table.
One of the things I am doing for myself this year is identifying the small things that bring us joy ~ one thing here is that we get 10 TV Channels over the air!!!  It’s nice to keep up with the news and some of our favorite TV shows.
Also, I want to say thanks for the prayers regarding my nasty cold ~ 
Wednesday morning I woke up feeling much better, 
Yesterday even a bit more better
and today I am still coughing but able to do everything I needed to do;
like going to 
Image result for ihop
and having coffee and pancakes with my hubby and friends,
stopping at the RV place to see about the repairs from this
 which caused this
Good news is our insurance is covering all the repairs
and we get to spend time with our friends, Jack & Donna!!!
Took some time to do this
Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
for the wedding we are going to tomorrow.
I love my Jamberry Nail Wraps.  If you would like to see more 
or try them out, give my friend, Sandie, a shout out here.
I am wearing Gold Floral and Champagne Frost.
With the RV going in for some repairs we are on a quest to 
eat all the food in our freezer (won’t have power for 5 days) and don’t want to have to throw it out.  So tonight I made ghoulash
Image may contain: food
for dinner.  Ron said it was pretty tasty.
Not bad for mixing some ground venison, rotel tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, 
two partial packages of elbow macaroni & squirly q’s, garlic
and onions all together in the pressure cooker and 
20 minutes later dinner was ready!!!
All in all it’s been a great day!!
How has your day been?

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