Happy New Year!

Image result for happy new year 2018
I wish I had as much energy as that picture expresses,
but alas, the crud is hanging on.
Yesterday I stayed hunkered down, all day,
sleeping and resting on the recliner,
not crocheting, not coloring,
not reading and not playing games on my phone.
I stayed curled up under my blanket, 
drinking lots of water, well lots for me anyway,
40 oz total all day!
Crawled into bed just after midnight,
wished Ron a Happy New Year 
and crashed on our bed.  
Woke up a few times in the night,
but each time just rolled over and fell back asleep.
Finally got out of bed about 12:30 this afternoon.
Even got dressed.
Still feel like crap,
still coughing up a storm,
still no energy.
Spent a little time going over notes from past sermons,
found I wasn’t really concentrating so closed my Bible
and took another little snooze on the recliner.
Then went with Ron up to the Adult Lodge so
he could watch Football.  I’ve downloaded a few movies on Netflix,
read Facebook, dumped a glass of water,
ate some popcorn
and really just want to go back to sleep.
Read a few blog posts,
feeling inspired yet no energy
to follow through.
Thought about New Years Resolutions ~ nope, not making any as I know I won’t follow through on them.  Clinging to the though shared by Pastor Jeromy two weeks ago,
Image result for faith of a mustard seed
clinging to my faith in Christ,
knowing I am a child of the King
and that through Him 
Image result for all things work together for good
And so today I rest in His arms,
trusting Him for tomorrow
and knowing that 
with Him all things are possible.
What do you rest in today?

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