Our Home on Wheels

We are all moved in!!!
As you walk into our back door you come into the living room. 
These chairs are on the back wall of the trailer.
Directly across from the back door and the rest of the living room.
Our double recliner has traveled with us from Newberg, OR to Waco, TX
and now will continue the journey wherever we go.
Next to the double recliner is our little eating area which includes the TV, printer,
bookshelf with cookbooks.  When we moved out of our home and into the motor home in 2006 we had whittled our cookbooks down to six!!!  I now have one shelf of cookbooks ~ but it should be noted we donated at least two full shelves of cookbooks to the Salvation Army as we moved into the trailer 🙂
Also, the babies have their home in front of the fireplace (we can heat the whole trailer with this little fireplace; the fireplace was used often in our motor home when we purchased it in Missouri). 

As we brought most of our groceries from the apartment to the trailer we needed somewhere to put the beverages ~ a milk crate works great and once all the beverages are gone, the crate will be gone as well.

The plants in the corner, on the printer and on the fireplace all came from Georgia last February ~ so glad to have them as reminders of a special friendship and love having the greenery in our home.
This is the view from the dining table across to the kitchen (back entry door on right).  We have our Keurig, our ice maker, water filter pitcher, yes my pig canisters!!  We have a built in microwave and oven too!
And for those of you who know I love my pigs ~ check them out above the microwave and beside the stove!
The Christmas cactus in the front right corner on the kitchen counter is actually three cacti plants ~ one was a start from Mom Balzer who had gotten her start from Grandma Workentin, one was a start from Ron’s cousin Joann (given to us after she passed away) and one that we bought in December 1998 when Brandon was in college. ~ it blooms at different times of the year, sometimes for Easter, sometimes for Halloween and even on Christmas!!
and then you come to half the bathroom ~ yes my necklaces, bracelets and earrings are tagging along for this journey.  
The plant on the shelf was given to me by my Branson Forever Friends when I had my heart attack in August 2013.  It finally bloomed this past August for the first time!!!  In the mornings when I am getting dressed I am reminded over and over how much I am loved and by so many!!
The sunlight you see coming in on the plant/cabinet is the door out of our bedroom.
On the opposite wall of the bathroom sink are my necklaces!
Ron did a great job hanging all the different hangers.  
Throughout the pictures you will see many of our family pictures.
We love seeing pictures of our boys, their wives and the grands!!!
Going to quickly run out of wall space for more pictures so we may just have to invest in another one of those picture frames that the pictures rotate through.
And that my friends is our redecorated and loaded up 
home on wheels.
I should mention our pantry is located in the back of the expedition 🙂  
Hope you enjoyed this little tour!

3 thoughts on “Our Home on Wheels”

  1. I love the little space! So homey! I miss my trailer. The camper is nice but it's so tiny there's no room for anything. I have to figure out who in portland can do mods so they can fix the useless storage cabinets. Taunya

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