Happening’s with the Workentin’s

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Image result for Where do we start?
We begin with we KNOW God is in charge and knows all things as he says 
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Image result for god knows everything verse
and that is what we have been doing ~
seeking God’s will for our lives,
asking Him to show us where He wants us to be,
and help us to be willing to deal with whatever he sends our way.
And last Thursday, October 26
God clearly shut a door for us.
Our Pastor summed it up in these few words:
Please pray for the Workentins’ as they are leaving their work as houseparents in Waco, Texas.  This is a painful decision but is necessary at this point in their lives.  
And so for the last week we have been moving out of the apartment furnished by MCH into our home on wheels ~ our 30′ travel trailer.
We had planned to go back full~time RV’ing in Fall of 2021, 
now instead it is Fall 2017.
We are currently at a Thousand Trails park in Central Texas.
We are taking this weekend to play!
and boy do we need to 
Image result for play!
Next week we will finish up with some business here in Waco,
and start our search for employment ~ as we both like to eat, take drives and you know all the other adult stuff that needs to be taken care of.
We don’t know where we will be going.
We don’t know what doors of employment will open.
We don’t know what God’s plans are for us,
BUT we do know that 
Image result for god has never failed me yet
Image result for god has never failed me yet and he won't start now
so that’s what is happening with the

10 responses to “Happening’s with the Workentin’s”

  1. Praying for the best for you both in anything you do. Love you Ali and Ron

  2. You are in my prayers Ali. Your path is similar to mine. It is QUITE the adventure and you both have COURAGE to live in a way that few people are willing to live. YAY GOD! Keep in touch. Love you. xo

  3. Praying for you both Ali. I LOVE that you are willing to live the adventurous life that few are willing to live. That takes COURAGE! I know it's not always easy…but the rewards are amazing. Believing God to reveal your NEXT harvest field with GREAT ABUNDANCE! Love you. xo

  4. Let me make a suggestion….. while looking for full time employment consider joining NOMADS. We have both 3 week opportunities and also long term disaster relief. No pay but the agencies provide free RV hook ups usually on site. And sometimes even meals. Lots of opportunities in TX. Only work 4 days a week. Go to http://www.nomadsumc.org for info. Only a thought!

  5. Tammy Homerstad Avatar
    Tammy Homerstad

    You dont know me, but I wanted to say Thank you for writing this. Your blog saved us from making the biggest mistake of our lives. My husband and I applied for a job as a House Parent with MCH, and after reading your blog, we decided against moving forward with them. John and I have been praying for you and will continue to pray for you. Finding your blog was a Godsend. We prayed for guidance in our decision making and the very next day, I came upon this blog. God spoke to us, through you, and we will be forever thankful. God Bless You!

  6. Dear Unknown…thank you for your encouragement. You say keep in touch but who are you ;)?

  7. Thanks Sallie ~ if you know of any fulltime work in the Branson area, please let us know.

  8. Thanks for your encouragement Carla. We keep moving one foot in front of the other!! God has this ~ just waiting for him to show us!!

  9. Thanks Phyllis and Len ~ this is definitely something we will be checking into.

  10. Hi Tammy ~ thank you so much for your comment. I stood in shock reading your comment how something we are dealing with, is something you needed information on. Just curious how you found my blog. Would love to connect with you. My email is ali1257 AT gmail DOT com

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