Ramblin’ On

Our view this morning from our campsite at Lake Whitney.
We had a great six days off ~ lots of relaxing, went for a drive one day, friends visited on Sunday, we played cards and watched movies.  
Today we drove back to Waco,
got the trailer set up on the ranch ~ not sure when we will be going out in it again as the next few times we are scheduled off we are only off for three days.  Haven’t heard when we can expect new house parents.  So we go day by day.
This afternoon we headed out to have a late lunch with some friends.  I found myself getting more and more 
Image result for irritated
with Ron for taking a wrong turn,
with text messages giving me grief for being late.
Image result for tired and angry
I should know better, it was after 2:00p and I hadn’t had anything to eat ALL day!!  We had gotten up around 9 and started tearing down camp and getting ready to head back to Waco.  We got the trailer in its home here at the ranch and then unloaded the car, touched base with our UM Mr. Chris
and then headed out for the restaurant.
As we were driving, Ron missed a turn, we started arguing,
I wanted to throw my phone at him for getting mad because he missed the turn.
Got to the restaurant after multiple texts saying they wouldn’t serve us if we weren’t there by 2:15.  Got there at 2:10 and walked in.  
And from there I just fell apart and turned around and walked out.  
Sent a text to Ron to eat without me
(doesn’t solve the problem that I haven’t eaten all day)
walked over to the mall,
sat for a bit,
walked back to the car,
and laid down on the back seat.
About an hour later, Ron came out to the car
and we headed back to the ranch.
I did ask him to stop at HEB so we could pick up some fruit, cottage cheese and a few other things…$65 later we headed to the car.
Got back to the ranch,
unloaded the groceries,
ate some spring rolls and sushi,
drank a bottle of water,
watched the news ~
so much devastation in the Houston area.
Spent time talking with our friend Merel
and then watched some TV.
And setting up my new to me laptop.
Thank you so much K & J for blessing us.
Words can’t express our thanks.
Planning our trip to Oregon and Washington
in November.
Can’t wait to see our boys, their wives
and of course our grands!!!
Time to call it a night as 5:15 comes super duper early in the morning and we start working at 6 a.m. tomorrow!!!

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