Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Month: August 2017

  • Feelings Running Amok!!!

    I am really struggling this week. Short fuse 😦 Frustration 😦 Exhausted 😦 (and don’t understand why???) Yet I am feeling blessed ~  great relationship with our boss loved by so many for the most part financially stable blessed by K & J with a new to me laptop loving watching our MCH boys maturing…

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  • Ramblin’ On

    Our view this morning from our campsite at Lake Whitney. We had a great six days off ~ lots of relaxing, went for a drive one day, friends visited on Sunday, we played cards and watched movies.   Today we drove back to Waco, got the trailer set up on the ranch ~ not sure…

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  • God’s Perfect Timing ~ Always

    I am always amazed how the Lord puts things in my path  to remind me over and over that He is in control ALL the TIME!! This morning the picture below showed up on my Facebook feed. This was after I had walked the circle, talking to the Lord about why little things seemed to…

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  • Celebrating August Special Days

    Celebrations! You think of parties, cake, smiles. But what do you do when the special days are filled with not only laughter, fun and joy but also filled with tears, what if? Every August my heart swarms with love for our boys that were born on  August 8, 1977 Royce Alan and  Ronald James (Jamie),…

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  • Hard Times and Good Times

    Today got off to a rough start with the boys.   I think we were all a bit tired from a late night last night and then jumping into a house meeting shortly after they got up did not make for a good mix. Add in that Ron and I both had to do about…

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  • New Month, New Day

    As the alarm was going off this morning I thought about rolling over and going back to sleep.  Then I remembered that I really want to get back into having my quiet time before the boys are up, before hitting the ground each morning.   So up I got. Took a shower, talked to God…

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